[11] Paige

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Is something society caused.

It told me,

I needed to have a boy,

I needed to be cared about,

I needed to be loved.


Is something that changed me,

And everyone else.

Mom rests her hand on my shoulder,

As the sermon calls everyone over.

After the news of me waking up,

Police had come to question me about the fire.

I told them about Dan,

The abuse,

The money,

The burning.

It didn’t take long to find him,

After his picture was posted everywhere.

Another girl,

Was the one who turned him in.

Then more,

Stepped forward,

Pressed charges.

So far,

He’s being locked up.

I just hope,

That they throw away his key.

We are gathered here today,

To acknowledge the passing of Aiden.

I’m two rows from the front,

Beside Nathan,

And Jocelyn.

We were the only friends,

That Aiden really had,

Even though,

We didn’t know each other too well.

The only present family,

Is his mother,



Beside them,

Sits Katie.

She looks broken,



Aiden’s parents don’t cry,

Don’t frown,

Don’t stand to speak.

As far as I know,

They don’t look like they,



It’s a small funeral,

With only neighbours,


And some other students.

But none of them really knew Aiden,

Like Katie did.

My heart breaks for her,

She didn’t deserve the pain.

Mom squeezes my hand,

And I smile sadly at her.

My near death experience,

Had been a wakeup call.

The love I had yearned for,

Dreamed of,


Had burned with the fire.


I understand I don’t need it.


Mom’s love,



Isn’t something I’m going to give up.


It’s what I needed all along.

When I couldn’t get love from her,

I looked for it with Dan.

I realized something important.

Everything happens for a reason.
Dan happened,

And strangely,

I’m grateful.
Without him,

Mom wouldn’t be holding my hand.

But as I stare at the casket,

Where Katie’s eyes refuse to leave,

I can’t help but wonder.

If everything happens for a reason,

What is the reason,




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