[6] Aiden

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What the hell were you thinking!

It’s not a question Mother yells,

While you walk through the door.

For once your Dad’s here,

And you know this is,



Mrs. Snow called me!

I know what happened!

Did she mean the part,

When you made your own decisions,

And one of them wasn’t driving Sarah home?

Or the part,

Where you disobeyed her,

To try to be yourself?

You keep your mouth shut,

And accept the hand that slaps you.

Why won’t you listen!?

For once,

You yell back.

You scream that you,





Not who she wants you to be.

When you’re done,

You don’t regret it.

Not even when your father stands up,

And heads angrily towards you.

Don’t talk to your mother that way!

His fist hit’s your face,

And you stumble back in pain.

You tell him you want to be yourself,

Not anybody else.

You can’t be.

Who you really are isn’t good enough.

You wipe the blood from your mouth,

And stare at your parents in revulsion.

You ask them one thing,

Will you ever be good enough?

They stay silent,

And you know you’re right.

Your right,

Because perfection is unattainable.

Your right,

Because you would be the last one to come close to being perfect.

They’re wrong,

Because you can’t be who they want.

You walk past them,

But your Dad pulls you back by your shirt.

You’re not going anywhere,

You spin to face your parents,

Your persecutors,

Your tormenters.

Your mother steps forward.

I know perfection is unattainable,

And that you will never be good enough.

But that won’t stop us,

From trying.

You shove past your father,

And are surprised when he doesn’t attack you.

Your feet stomp upstairs,

And you lock yourself in the bathroom.

You don’t want to be Aiden anymore,

Because he will never be good enough.

Aiden isn’t who you’re allowed to be,

Because he will never be good enough.

Is Aiden lost forever,

Because he will never be good enough?

You pull out your razor,

And watch it gleam.

You hold it to your wrist,

And ask one question.

It’s important,

Because it could change everything.

It’s devastating,

Because it wouldn’t have been asked by the old Aiden.

It’s horrifying,

Because it involves your death.


Slowly draws from the wound,

And you watch it spread.

Your arm throbs,

And you ask your question.





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