[10] Nathan

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I know I’ll thank you some day,

Mark shoves a shirt into his suitcase,

And you pull it back out and fold it.

But that day isn’t going to be today.

You laugh sadly,

And place the folded shirt in his suitcase.

Everything had turned out exactly as you thought,

And you can’t help but wonder,

If you thought differently,

Would it have turned out the same?

You know I’ll phone,

And they said I can visit anytime.

He was saying the words,

More for himself then for you.

He knows being taken away from you,

Is going to crush him inside.

So do his new foster parents,

But there trying to make it okay.

They were nice,

Kind people,

Who would be able to provide,

The things you couldn’t.

You had been taking care of Mark,

Your entire life.

But it was never good enough,

Until now.

I’ll get to see Mom.

She had been released from police custody,

When you and Mark turned up.

But the three of you,

Would have to go to court,

To tie up loose ends.

She lives back home,

But you and Mark can’t join her.

She won’t allow it,

Because deep,



She knows this is best.

If she can’t provide,

Or take care of you,

She wants someone else to.

You can visit her,

But you can’t stay,

At least not until your eighteen.

But I’m going to miss having you around.

His small hand,

Fits perfectly in yours.

You yank him into your arms,

And cradle him in a hug,

Unlike the many,



You had done it before.

But this time,

It was a happy hug.

It was a hug,

That meant Mark has new beginnings.

A hug,

That meant he will get a better chance a life.

A hug,

That meant he would get to start over.

You couldn’t,

At least not yet,

But as long as Mark was okay,

You didn’t mind.


Mark pulls away,

And stares into your eyes.

If that Jake guy ever hits you again,

Kick his butt.

You can’t help but laugh,

And ruffle his hair.


Mrs. Cedar stands in the door of the room you shared.

She was going to be his foster Mom.

It’s time to go,

But we’ll come back next weekend.


The time when Mark would come to visit.

As if you were a divorced parent.

But it wasn’t like that.

You acted like his parent,

But really,

You were his brother.

Mrs. Cedar heads down the hall,

And you pick up Mark’s suitcase.

You hold his hand,

And head down the hall.

Mr. Cedar takes the suitcase,

And heads out to the car.

You turn to Mark,

And crouch down to his level.

You reach into your pocket,

And pull out a picture.

You hadn’t looked at it,



But now,

Mark needed it.

You hand it to him,

And he stares.

Mom stands holding your hand,

And in her other arm is Mark.

He was only two,

But it was the only photo,

Of the three of you.

You tell him you’ll always be a family,

Even if you aren’t together.

Mark starts to cry,

And you can’t help but join in.

He runs into your arms,

And you hug for the final time.

You watch him wipe his eyes,

And walk towards his new mom.

She takes his hand,

And they head out the door.

You lean against the frame,

And watch as they get into the car.

Mark waves goodbye,

And you know,







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