[2] Katie

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You turn around in the cafeteria,

And look for a place to sit.

Jocelyn catches your eye,

But you know you can’t sit with her.

She’s pretty,



You’re ugly,



She laughs with her friends,

And you long to be one of them.

Instead you decide on taking an empty table nearby,

So you can watch in envy.

You carry your almost empty tray,

And head down the aisle towards it,

But you lucked out.

You get to pass her.

You avert your eyes,

Not wanting to look like a freak,

A creep.

But as you near her table,

She snickers.

Look who’s eating today.

Her friends laugh and turn to look at your tray.

All that’s on it is water,

An apple,

And a chocolate chip cookie.

You really think you need the extra calories?

You reach her table,

But no one’s paying attention to you anymore.

There all looking at Jake,

Her boyfriend.

As you sit down at the empty table,

Your stomach growls.

But you no don’t plan on eating,

Not anymore.


You can eat in front of your parents,

And throw it up later.

But school was too public.

Instead you daydream about what it’s like having a boyfriend.

You haven’t had one since seventh grade.

It lasted two days,

Three hours max.

You watch Jocelyn eat everything on her lunch tray,

Not leaving any food.

Her friends watch in disgust,

And ask her why she’s eating so much.

She shrugs,

And tells them that she didn’t eat dinner last night.

Or breakfast this morning.


Neither did you.

Staring isn't polite.

A boy you don't know sits down in front of you,

Watching you closely as he blocks your view.

Didn't your Mom ever tell you not to talk to strangers?

You ask, and the smile from his face fades for a moment.

His dark hair hangs above his blue eyes,

And he wears a button-down shirt.

My Mom made me wear this,

He rolls his eyes.

And I don’t consider you a stranger.

You raise my eyebrows as questions about him run through your mind.


Was he?


Was he here?


Did he want?

We have first period Math together,

But you look half-awake most of the time.

You nod,

Not wanting to respond.


You try to look past him at Jocelyn.

You’re not eating much.

You ignore his comment,

But it catches you off guard.

Hadn’t he heard people making fun of you?

I don’t know why you want to see her so bad,

She’s not that pretty.

You meet his eyes,




How could he think that Jocelyn wasn’t that pretty,



He sees your expression and extends a hand.

I’m Aiden.

You awkwardly shake his hand.

He smiles happily at you.

And your hell of a lot more pretty than she is.

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