[11] Jocelyn

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Had lied to me my entire life.

It told me I needed to fit in,

Be popular,

Be accepted.


Will never fully leave me.

The baby,

Had been a boy.

He died of natural causes.

He has a tomb,

A few yards away.

He had taught me,

That being accepted,

Was a lie,

A game,

A contest,

Of who would attempt it,

And who wouldn’t.

He showed me,

He was alive for a reason,

And he passed away for one too.

Nathan squeezes my hand,

As the casket is lowered into the ground.

Aiden’s mother is bawling,




Is smiling,



I haven’t talked to her much,

Since the misfortune.

But I know that soon,

Things will go back to normal.

Or at least,

As normal as they can be.


Doesn’t know about the baby.

But the doctors can still do,

A DNA test.

I’ve decided not to,

Because I know the truth.

Proving Jake wrong,

Would just be an attempt,

At getting my old,


Life back.

And I don’t want that.

Since the incident in the cafeteria,

He’s stopped bullying Nathan.

My friends,

Still ignore me.

But I know one day,

We’ll talk,

Even though I don’t want to join them anymore.

Having no life inside me,

Crushed me.

But I know one day,

The baby will return.


Ten years from now,

It will be with Nathan.

He will be a good father,

No matter who has his children.

I just hope it will be with me.

As dirt is shovelled on the casket,

Mourners get up to leave.

Katie is the only one who stays.
She sits in her chair,

Watching the dirt cover her boyfriend.

I tell Nathan to give me a minute,

And I go and sit beside her.

My apology is overdue,

But it’s better late,

Than never.

I tell her I’m sorry,

For the bullying.


For the way I treated her.


For what happened to Aiden.

I tell her she’s too skinny,

And I was jealous,

Because she is gorgeous.


She smiles.

That means a lot.

I tell her to come with me,


And Paige,

To get some ice cream.

She shakes her head.

Thanks for the offer,

But I might catch up later.

I need a moment alone.

I give her a hug,

And head back towards Nathan.

I turn back to look at her,

And sigh.

Aiden may have passed over,

But I had a feeling,

He was sitting right beside her.

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