[11] Nathan

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Is something I can easily describe.

It screams in my ears,

Puts weight on my back,

And tells me the things I don’t want to hear.


Is something I can’t easily forget.



And supplying for my family,

Is an instinct I will always have.

I couldn’t hold my family together,

But I can make sure it doesn’t break apart.

I hold Jocelyn’s hand,

And walk towards the cemetery.

A large group of people dressed in black,

Is already there.

Paige see’s us both immediately,

And heads our way.

When she reaches us,

She wraps her arms around us.

I’m so sorry,

She says to Jocelyn,

Who smiles sadly.


A small hand,

Fits perfectly in mine.

Mark looks up at you,

Dressed in all black.

Behind him are the Cedars,

Who match him.

Mrs. Cedar steps forward,

As Jocelyn and Paige move away.


Mark can’t stand being without you.

And after we heard…

We just couldn’t let you go through this alone.

Mark wraps his arms around me,

And his eyes stare up at mine.

They’re going to adopt you!





I can’t believe the words were said.

I look to the Cedar’s for confirmation,

Who nod with smiles.

We don’t have a lot of room,

Mrs. Cedar says.

But we can make it work.

She extends her arms,

And I step into her hug.

I never thought this day,

Would ever come.

I ask what changed,

From when they only wanted Mark.

Mrs. Cedar’s cheeks turn pink.

We didn’t think we could handle a boy your age,

But we had a phone call,

After what happened.

It was explained,

That you were no trouble at all.

Mark jumps up and down,

And grins ear,



I reassured them!

We laugh,

But my eyes fall past Mark’s smiling face.

I stare at the plot,

Where a red carpet sits,

I can’t help but notice,

The closed casket.

Beside it,

Sits Katie,

Who leans her head against the wood,

Right where Aiden’s would be.

She stares up at the sky,

Dreaming of better days,

And I know things will never be the same.

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