[6] Paige

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You left after you helped out the girl,

And you don’t have enough money for a cab.

Cars speed past you,

As you cover your shoulders in the wind.

It’s freezing you,

Chilling you,

Killing you.

There’s only one thing you can do,

And it won’t go over well.

You pull out your phone,

And dial Dan’s number.

Where the hell are you?

He is furious,


Ready to kill.

You tell him,

And he’s there within five minutes.

He jumps out of the car,

And you tell him you’re sorry,

That you just wanted to see your friends.


He spits.

You don’t have friends.

He was right.

You didn’t.

Come on, Paige.

He grabs your arm,

And opens the car door.

He throws you inside,

And slams the door.

He begins driving,

And answers a call.


I’ve got her.

You watch him,




You ask who he’s talking to,

And he smirks.

You’ll see.

When you pull into the driveway,

There’s an SUV there.

In the house,

There’s a man waiting.

He’s at least twenty-five,

With a sickening grin.

He extends his greasy hand.

Hello, Paige.

When you don’t accept,

He shrugs and heads down the hall.

He stops in the bedroom.

You ask Dan what’s going on.

I think you know,

He shoves you towards the hall,

But you stop.

You tell him you’re not playing games,

And to tell you.

I lost my job, Paige,

Despite his words,

He grins.

So until I can get another one,

You’re our only form of income.

You can’t believe his words.

You put up with him cheating,

Because you love him.

You put up with his abuse,

Because you love him.

You put up with his wants,

Because you love him.

But this time,

Could you really put up with it?

Could you still love him,

Because of this?

But if you didn’t,

Who would love you?

You tell him no.

His hand hits your face,

With full force.

You stumble,


And sit in pain.

I know why you went out tonight.

If you’re going to act like a whore,

You might as well be one.

He grabs your arm,

And yanks you up.

He drags you down the hall,

As you try to escape.

He calls to the man.

She likes it rough.

He throws you into the room,

And you land on the floor.

You ask Dan why,

As the man grabs you.

Dan grins,

And closes the door.

Because I love you.

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