[11] Aiden

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Will someday die.

It can’t live on,

And force,


Shove people to do things,

Change themselves,

Change others.


Caused my death,

But I don’t look at it that way.

To me,

My death,

Means freedom.

My hand rests,

On Katie’s shoulder.

I know she feels me there,

And knows I kept my promise.

So far,

She’s kept hers.


Is an awful thing.

But for me,

It was the right one.
I watch Mother,

As she tugs at her dress.

She had been desperately trying,

To fix things around her.

Her clothes,

The flowers,

The chairs.

It was the first time her pressure,

For perfection,

Had meaning.

She couldn’t be perfect,

And she knew that,

So she tried to make me flawless.


With my death,

She realizes she’s done wrong.

I don’t think she will ever get over it,

But I know it will change her for the better.

Katie would now like to speak.

My hand falls through her shoulder,

As she stands.

She turns to the audience,

And holds back her tears.

Not many of us,

Really knew who Aiden was.


I got that pleasure.

She talks about the day,

I sat at her table.

The dance,

Where she stood on my feet.

The night,

When I secretly said goodbye.

It is a sad day,

To say goodbye to Aiden.

But now he is free,

From the pressure he had felt.

Mother starts the cry,

For the first time since my death.

Though he is gone,

Aiden will forever be with us,

In our hearts.

Katie looks up at the sky,

And I know she’s looking for me.

She had been constantly doing that,

Since I told her I would be with her.

I walk up to Katie,

And my hand trails her cheek.

I can’t feel her skin,

But I can remember how it felt.

She picks a red rose out of a bouquet,

And places it on my casket.

We’ll all miss you.

She kisses the wood,

And lingers for a moment.

I love you,

She whispers.

I lean my head close to hers,

And part my lips beside her ear.

I know she hears me,

As a smile spreads across her lips,

And a single tear falls.

I love you too, Katie.

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