[7] Paige

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He’s probably out with another girl,

But you’re too broken to care.

You curl up on the floor,

And hug your knees.

You cry,



Until there’s nothing left.

You wanted to go home to your mother,

Your dead father,

Your old life.

But the idea of not being loved,

It kills you.

That’s why you’re going to tell Dan.

You’re going to tell him,

That you miss your Mom.

She needs you,

Even though when you needed her,

She wasn’t there.

You miss your Dad.
You need him,

Even though he can’t help you,

Because he’s dead.

You miss your old life.

It needs you,

Even though you hate it,

You want it back.

But did you want Dan,

Back in your old life?

Even though he lies,




And sells?

You decide that no,

You don’t want him.

Your heart breaks for him.

Leaving him,

Would mean,

Leaving love.

But is this what love is?

Is love really being hurt,


And torn into a million pieces?

Is love being scared,

Of the one you’re with?

Is love really this horrible?

You tell Dan your sob story when he comes home,

And he doesn’t take it well.

You’re not leaving!

He takes a step towards you,

And you shrink back.

Paige, what about money?
Without you,

How will I live?

You tell him to look for a job,

To call his parents,

To sell something other than you.

But I love you!

You laugh darkly,

And for once,

You realize you’ve made a huge mistake.




You tell him that he couldn’t possibly love you,

After all he’s done with you.

You bitch!

He runs towards you,

Fist clenched.






It makes a sickening thump,

And you’re completely dazed.

Your visions blurred,

You hearing is distant,

And you roll your head around,

Trying to focus.

Then you feel the knife.

Its cool metal pressed to your neck,

But it doesn’t hurt.

It just alarms you.

If I can’t have you,

Nobody can.

Dan’s breath is warm in your face,

But you can’t see his.

I swear Paige,

I’ll do it.

Are you still going to leave me?

You desperately want to.

This time,

He’s taken things too far.

But you’re too out of it to respond,

So you shake your head no.

Dan laughs above you,

And the knife is removed.

His fist hits your face,

One final time,

To make his point.





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