[9] Katie

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Three more months go by,

And things are getting worse.




Every day,

He slides a bit farther out of your grasp,

And now,

He's falling through your fingers.

You thought he could talk to you about anything,

But you were wrong.

You want to tell him that you hadn’t been eating,

But you can’t.

Right now,

He’s far from okay.

Telling him would make things worse.

So you walk with him through the melting snow at lunch,

And hold his hand,






You’re scared that if you let go,

You’ll lose him forever.


You wouldn’t eat.

But you stared a few weeks ago,

Because you want to make Aiden happy,

Even if he doesn’t notice,

You eat for him.

You ask him if he’s okay,

And he stares at his feet.


He mumbles,

And you know he’s lying.

You stop him,

And raise his chin to face you.

You tell him that he can talk to you,

That you’re worried,



I’m fine, Katie.

He starts walking,

And you jog to catch up.

You call his name,

And feel warm tears streak your cheeks.

But when he sees your upset face,

He looks mad.

Don’t cry over me, Katie.

I’m not worth your tears.

You scream,


Wail to him.

You tell him he’s worth your tears,

Your love,

You’re everything.

I’m worthless, Katie.

You wrap your arms around him,

And hold him as tight as you can.

You cry into his chest,

Knowing Aiden was slowly falling away,




Trying to be popular,



Seemed like such a silly problem,

Compared to the one you were facing right now.

You needed to help Aiden,

But what could you do?

Tell your parents?
They haven’t even met Aiden,

Since he’s not allowed to leave his house.

Tell the principle?

What could a principle do,

When they only covered school related problems?

Tell his mom?

But wouldn’t that make things worse,

Considering she’s the problem?

No one could change her,

Except for herself.

But if you talked to her,

And told her Aiden should be allowed,

To be himself,

Would she agree,


Or even think?

You doubted she would think at all.

So instead,

You tell Aiden the truth.

You tell him something,

That hopefully makes him a bit happier.

You tell him you love him.

He stares down into your eyes,

And you wait for the words,

That would match yours.

You wait for the sign of hope,

That will show you things will get better.

You wait for the most important words in your life,

To be said by Aiden.

You can’t possibly love me.

He spits,




But not by you,

By himself.

He turns,

And heads towards the school.

You can’t love someone who’s worthless, Katie.

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