[7] Katie

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Is throwing,


Rocks at your,



You rise from your bed,

And tip toe towards the sound.

It’s extremely late,

And your parents are asleep.

But you couldn’t.

You squint your eyes through the glass,

And only see a dark figure.

So you quietly open the window,

And stick your head outside.

The cool air,

Brushes across your face.


You look down in the darkness,

And see Aiden’s face.

You ask him what he’s doing.

Please come down!

I want to talk!

Even though you saw him earlier,

It feels like you haven’t seen him in days.

You shut your window,

And creep down the stairs.

You grab your jacket,

And head out into the night.
Aiden’s waiting on the front steps.

You sit down beside the broken,



You ask him what’s wrong,

And he pulls up his sleeves.

I don’t know how much longer I can take it,



He spills,


He tells you about his mom,

His dad,

How his things got burned,

And how they control him.


Your problems seem so small,

Unlike the mountain that is his.

What do I do?

For once,

You have no idea.

What could he do?

It seemed like there was no answer,

Or possibility.

I don’t want to be here anymore,

He leans his head onto your shoulder,

And you lean on his black hair.

He’s upset,

Because his life is hell.

He’s frustrated,

Because it seems there’s no way out.

He’s crying,

Because he doesn’t know what to do.

So you take his face in your hands,

And raise him to meet your eyes.

You tell him,

That he is not leaving you here by yourself.

That he has too much to live for.

That he has to stop cutting.

You don’t understand.
Without it,

I wouldn’t be alive.

You stroke his hair,

And tell him you know how hard it is.

You tell him to come see you,

Whenever he gets the urge,

Whenever his Mom insults him,

Or whenever he wants to see you.

Then you have to stop,

He whispers,

Taking your hand.

I’ll stop cutting,

If you stop killing yourself.


You would have been offended.

You weren’t killing yourself;

You were becoming pretty.

But right now,

You know you have to agree.

Aiden’s your best friend,

And you want him to get better.

But can you really give up,

Trying to be pretty,


And thin?


His eyes are begging,


You lean forward,

And rest your forehead on his.

You whisper that you will,

But you don’t think he will keep up his end of the deal.

You don’t think,





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