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Lindsay Alexandra By Monst3rs Completed

Katie: The pressure to be pretty.

Nathan: The pressure to provide.

Paige: The pressure to be loved.

Aiden: The pressure to be perfect.

Jocelyn: The pressure to be accepted.

Everyone has a pressure.

What's yours?

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  • pressure
Once_Upon_A_Glade Once_Upon_A_Glade Aug 08, 2017
To be that perfect pastor's kid. Be that perfect kid that others thought that I was.
lukafay lukafay Nov 07, 2017
The pressure that my mom gave me to aleays be on top of my classes
lil_dreamer12344 lil_dreamer12344 Jul 25, 2017
To be strong and be capable of protecting the people I love and care deeply for... to be there for anyone who needs help 🙂🤗
Lizzy_Reads Lizzy_Reads Apr 19, 2017
Perfect... the kind of perfection people notice and maybe even look up instead of crashing every time the people you love leave you.
babydoll43215 babydoll43215 Nov 03, 2016
I actually can't make myself throw's literally impossible for me
_Mythical_Sam_ _Mythical_Sam_ Oct 07, 2016
Perfection, be normal, not stand out, live up to expectation, be super smart, be straight, be happy, smile, have friends, not be me, not be loud, not be depressed, not be anything but what people want me to be...