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Jack POV

I sat criss-cross leaning against the tree, the sun softly warming my face. I smiled watching as the birds flew over head tweeting to each other. I didn't know why i was here by the tree, Mark had just drug me out here to this tree and then told me to stay.  i Put my hand down feeling the soft grass, it was beautiful where i was. I smiled closing my eyes, listening to the birds and sounds of the woods. I then felt a feeling rise in my stomach, a feeling of uneasiness,I opened my eyes looking around. Mark had been gone for a while now and i was starting to get worried. I looked around for him but found Nothing but trees and birds,but something felt wrong.Then i heard My name and spotted the familiar flood of black hair.I stood up making my way over to Mark, he had his hand behind his back and a wide smile.I smirked curious what Mark was planning."i was beginning to get worried,what were you doing?"Mark smiled sweetly pulling out bright green roses from behind him.I blushed slightly, My favorite color,and roses."M-Mark whats the occasion?They're pretty..."Mark reached in his back pocket and pulled out a red cloth. i gave him a confused look, he smiled and came closer covering my eyes with it."whoa Mark....didn't know you were into the kinky stuff." i heard him chuckle taking my hand and leading me. i was curious why the blindfold, i tried to figure out where he was taking me but it was hard.Mark then stopped, i stumbled but caught my self on mark's shoulder.

"Here we go.."Mark let go of my hand and disappeared from my reach."Mark? can i take the blindfold off?...Mark?" i waited but i didn't hear anything.I was about to reach for the blind fold, when i felt lips press against mine. I was a little surprised, but i knew it was mark cause his stubble. He pulled away from the kiss and i whimpered, but mark then reached behind me taking off the blindfold. I squinted as my eyes adjusted to the light. i stood and awed at the sight before me. A blanket lied on the grass a picnic basket sat on the blanket."whats this?" i looked at him smiling. He took  my hand again and sat down on the blanket, i sat down the basket between us."well, its just something i thought you would like." i leaned over the basket kissing him. Mark smiled into the kiss, and grabbed my shirt collar pulling me over the basket and landing on him. we moved in sync his taste like candy as I gently pressed my tongue to his lips asking for entrance and he gave it to me, our tongues fought for dominance. i moaned gently, mark gripped my hair gently pulling it. I smiled, braking the kiss and looking down at him under me.

"You, know i was hoping we'd make out after food, but i guess you had other ideas.."I smiled attacking his neck. i nibbled and sucked, he groaned arching his back slightly. I gripped his shirt hem,and tugged. his hand landed on my and he breathed in my ear."Jack...Hate to burst the bubble but boy scouts come through these woods a lot...hate to be disturbed by kids." i sat up on his lap and frowned."Aw...i really wanted to continue.."Mark sat up and kissed me softly."Maybe later."I beamed happily. Mark chuckled reaching over into the basket, and pulled out Oreos. I laughed as Mark handed me one."So romantic,Mark."He shrugged eating one."Hey, its not like the convenience store had wine." i smiled kissing him.

Mark POV

Jack sat in front of me twisting the flowers around each other, i watched curious. he tied one more and smiled holding up a ring of flowers, he then scooted closer placing the ring of flowers on my head. i smiled, wearing my crown of flowers,Jack grabbed the other one he made and placed it on his head. I smiled, jack was absolutely adorable in his little crown of flowers. I leaned over kissing his cheek softly, he blushed slightly but smiled. My phone made a very loud ding.I sighed pulling my phone out and reading the text. i frowned looking jack and faking a pouty face as he munched on a Oreo."Ugh we have to go back..the guys are waiting for us."Jack stuck his lip out pouting. but he stood up helping me pick up the blanket placing it in the basket. i picked the basket carrying it with one hand and my other hand i laced my fingers with jack's. swinging our hands like a cliche couple.

we got back to camp by about 4 the sun now just coming down. The others were around fire eating hotdogs. Felix was the first to notice us. He smiled and waved."AYE! the birds are back! Love the flower crowns!" jack rolled his eyes. the others looked over smiling and waved."hey!" i grabbed a chair for jack and took a seat down on a small stool next to him. "so how was the date you two?"wade smiled widely taking a bite of his hot dog.I smirked looking at him"It was great if you must know." wade smiled. Jack frowned looking around."hey is there any left?"Cry swallowed his food and shook his head."No but i think there is some in the cooler in the car."I stood up getting into my tent and grabbing my keys.

"well jack i guess if we want to eat we have to go to the car!"I pressed the unlock button expecting to hear the car beep. but i didn't. I frowned looking at the guys."wheres my car?"Wade pointed up the dirt."I had to move it, the sheriff came by and said we cant keep it parked over here. so i moved it over behind the trees in a small open area."I sighed and began to walk."I guess its better than it being out in the open, come jack lets go get some food."Jack popped up following me.The guys waved us bye as we headed down the road to the small group of trees. the car had to be at least a 5 minute walk from the camp,i clicked the button hearing the beep.I happily ran up to the car popping open the trunk. i opened the cooler and looked around finding nothing but cold drinks."Dang it."Jack came over seeing over my should. he frowned."guess we're out..."I sighed closing the cooler."Yeah come on lets head back."I turned around when jack gently grabbed my arm. I looked at him confused. he was smirking'"hey..Mark we're alone and i don't think boy scouts can find us here.."Jack smiled pulling me toward the car door.I smiled getting what he was saying.

"I don't know...have you done it in a car before?"Jack smiled opening the backdoor."There's a first for everything .."I smirked pushing him down on to the seat and climbed over him closing the door behind me.I pressed my lips against his, tasting his sweetness. It was gentle at first but it grew passionate. I then pulled on jack shirt, he broke the kiss pulling his shirt off.I leaned down kissing his neck, jack moaning softly. i moved down his chest slowly placing kisses as i went.I was about to tug on his jeans when he shook his head." about you strip first this time."I rolled my eyes, pulling my shirt off tossing it in the front seat, i sat up pulling my jeans off leaving me in my boxers.Jack smiled pulling me down and kissing me. i gripped his hair, he loved when i did that. he then placed his hand on my crotch and began to palm me through my boxers, i couldn't help but pant, i was melting, Jack then began to suck on my neck and and nibble,i knew i was getting excited but,i couldn't I moaned loudly. 

"Mark?"I shot up hitting my head on the roof of the car.Jack sat up looking out the back car window, His face was a flushed red and i could feel mine growing red too.Felix stood at the back of the car looking at us, his face red too."Oh my god!You two were!GOD I'M SORRY!"Felix turned around running back to camp.Jack sighed"Guess we cant finish this."I sighed too." we should head back..."Jack grabbed his shirt sliding it on and i grabbed my clothes...slightly disappointed. 

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