New school

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Jacks pov:

I woke up to the sound of my alarm blaring in my ears. I punched that alarm in the face like a boss, and sat up,I stretched running a hand through my hair.Today was the first day of school, after a long summer brake I was kinda glad to go back to school, maybe since I moved it would be helpful. I threw my green blanket off and sleepily searched for a good shirt to wear,first day gotta be bossy lookin'. I found my favorite green shirt and some good jeans, I looked around for my lucky gray flat cap(his hat he wears thats what it is called) I grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs. My ma was in the kitchen making pancakes.

"Jackaboy! There ye are, I made you some 'new school' pancakes!" She place two huge pancakes on a plat and handed it to me,I energetically ate my pancakes getting syrup all over my mouth.

"Damn it, I made a mess!"my Ma came over with a wet towel handing it to me"Jack I've told you limit your cussing." I nodded since I had stuffed a whole pancake in my mouth. I picked up plate putting it in the sink and ran out the door."Bye jack!LOVE YA!" I smiled walking quickly to School excited as ever.

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As I walked down the hall I noticed a variety of different people in groups standing in front of lockers,I glanced down at my schedule to check my locker number "537....541.....546....550..552!" A tall skinny dude with light brown hair stood in front of my locker working furiously at his combo but seem to be having a hard time.

"HELIGA JÄVLA AYE!OPEN!" I walk to him and smiled."Top of the mornings to ya lad you seem to be having trouble with your know it would help if it was the right one..." I smiled a little, he looked confused then looked at his schedule and blushed laughing awkwardly and rubbing the back of his arm.

"Yeah, I guess it would help...I'm sorry I was one locker off, mines 553.. Well any way I'm Felix Kjellberg..." he stuck out a hand I gladly took it shaking his hand. "Hey it's ok I'm Jack McLoughlin, I guess we're locker buddies!" He smiled and worked on his combo."so where you from Jack? You accent hints ireland.Are you a leprechaun?" I smiled I got that joke often. " yeah I hide me gold at the end of a rainbow!I'm guessing your not from here either cause what you yelled earlier." He swung his locker open placing some things inside."yeah, I originally lived in Sweden, but I moved here a couple years ago. AMURICA, lol yeah." I laughed, and closed my locker. Felix did the same and we began to walk down the crowded hall." So what's your first hour bro?" I glanced at my schedule " tech..with Mr. Wades what about you?" Felix laughed lightly punching me on the shoulder."Well leprechaun, we're in the same class too!" I laughed it was good to have a Friend. We walked into the class taking our seat amount the chatty students.

The bell rung signaling the start of first hour we took our seats and waited for the teacher.A kinda tall guy with black fluffy hair and glasses walked in he wore a red flannel button shirt and dark blue jeans, he took off a backpack and placed it next to the front desk.In black marker he wrote his name,some students looked confused checking their schedules asking their friends. He then turned toward us and in Bass tone he addressed the class.

"Hello everybody my name is Mr.Fishbach and welcome back to school. I know you were expecting Mr.Wades ,but he switched and I am his replacement. So welcome to tech!" He threw his arms open as wide as he could, he looked like a giant hugable teddy bear,his heart melting smile, kinda hot... Felix laughed and nudged me. "I think this class is going to be interesting." Mr. Fishbach leaned against his desk and crossed his arms."Ok, class were going to start by getting to know your fellow students, so I'll point to you and if you would kindly,I promise this ins't bioshock, say your name and something about you." I chuckled at his game reference, he seemed like a good teacher. He covered his eyes and waved his arm around until he pointed at me.He peeked through his hand and smiled at me. "Ahhh this handsome man right here please introduce your self." I stood and being my energetic self smiled."Top of the mornin' to ya laddies my name is Jack and this boss is from Ireland!" I threw my hands up happily. Some students laughed Mr.Fishbach giving a chuckle. He ran a hand through his hair fixing it.

"Well aren't you just a bundle of energy!" I smiled proudly and took my seat, before I did he winked at me, I blushed slightly cause that heart melting smile, for fucks sake being gay and seeing him throws you off. Felix nudged me again,"why did you blush, I mean he good looking not that I'm gay but what the hell bro?" I blushed more and whispered back." I'm gay Felix." He gave me a poker face. I began to worry.was I about to lose my only friend?" Oh, that's cool jack! I never had a gay friend bro! Give me a bro fist!" That surprised me but I pounded his fist.

Mr.Fishbach continued to go around randomly picking students, Ken, Marzia ,who Felix said was his girlfriend and Billy and some more students. The bell rung ending class Mr.Fishbach told everyone bye telling them to get ready for tomorrow. As I walked out with Felix Mr.Fishbach stopped me and asked me to stay after class to talk. He smiled causing me to blush he laughed a little."Well, Jack that's why I asked you sit stay after." I looked at him confused. He laughed again and pointed at my cheeks. " Every time I smiled at you today,you blushed. Why would that be Jack?" He raised one eye brow giving him a kina of a sexy look. I blushed even more, for FUCKS SAKE KEEP IT TOGETHER JACK!

" I don't know I just do.." Mr. Fishbach stood up and came closer leaning against the front is desk. "Jack.. do you want to tell me something, you can trust me I'm a good guy. Yeah I'm a Goofball but you can trust me." He put a hand on each shoulder looking into my eyes. I couldn't take it I felt like If I held it any longer I was going to explode into a billion pieces."Mr.Fishbach I'm...I' it's just your"I quickly looked away. He blushed and gave a small laugh." I thought you were,well don't worry jack I won't ridicule you I'm gay too. Don't worry." I looked at him surprised., this caught me completely off guard."your gay too?" He nodded and crossed his arms.

"You know you're not that bad your self I mean,those strong blue eyes, your soft brown hair, your energetic smile. I know it must be hard to fit in so if you need anything just ask me....ok...I'll make sure that you'll be alright,you can trust me." He cupped my Chin with his hand, they felt strong. He pulled me closer, my body was off the hook, my stomach as filled with butterflies. His soft brown eyes were magnetizing and his lips looks so soft, I just had to... I quickly leaned closer kissing him on his lips. I caught him off guard, but he quickly fell into the kiss, I was right those lips were soft. I pulled away holding my mouth. "Umm... I'm sorry Mr.Fishbach, I ...I don't know what I w-" he put a finger to my lips and with his soft brown eyes made me quiet." Its don't um...have to apologize and please call me Mark." I blushed he looked red himself too. "I better get to my... my.. um next class." I reluctantly walks Out of tech and down the hall.

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