Cry of awkwardness

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"I'm a thousand  miles away but tonight you look so pretty yes you do,Times square can shine bright as You."-hey there delilah

Jacks POV

Cry was quiet as we followed Mark to the Locker room to dry off, I shivered as we walked cold from the rain,I looked at cry he shivered too but he see me to be warmer than me thankfully. Mark pulled open the locker door for us, allowing us past."okay towels should be on the shelf, okay if you need anything just ask guys." He smiled and I nodded. I followed cry ,grabbing a towel drying my head off. I put my bag down and pulled my sweater off it was soaked through completely. Cry took his hoodie off and he was fairly dry so he just needed to dry his hair and bag.I on the other hand was completely soaked. So I took my shirt off and jeans, digging in my bag for the extra clothes I had brought just for this occasion." Shit, I can't find my other clothes where the hell are they?"I shifted through my bag pulling everything  out but jeans and a t-shirt. As I pulled stuff out my  English book fell, landing on my foot."Fuck! Ow!" I hopped on one foot tripping over my shoes and falling over."Fucking aye!" I rubbed the back of my head.I had hit it on a stall door.

 I heard a knock on the locker room door and Mark slid in, he turned seeing me on the floor in just my pink boxers.I massively blushed covering my boxers. Mark realized what I was in and  blushed too."Oh! Shit um...I I thought you were dressed!" I just sat there not really know what to do."um.....I-I fell when i was ...." what the fuck he didn't even ask what happened,I guess I couldn't handle the awkwardness. He blushed more, rubbing his arm awkwardly. We just stayed there not really knowing what to do. "Um do you need  help up jack?" I nodded shyly,he stuck a Hand out and he pulled me up. I stepped back a little but as clumsy as I am I stumbled leaning forward to catch my self,but I ended up falling forward into Mark. I fell right top of him, both legs on each Side of his hips my body against his on the locker room floor. I looked down and blushed more."Oh shit!Mark I'm sorry I didn't mean to fall on you!" He looked up realizing our stance,blushing and turning red. Our faces were only inches away from each other,I could feel his warm breath speeding up. My heart pounded in my chest,as our gazes locked, I couldn't move I was  so embarrassed I didn't know what to do. I felt him shift slightly, but other wise he just lied there red."uh...."his brown eyes were so beautiful up close,what the fuck your on top of your teacher and that's the first thing you think! I then heard cry walk over.

"Hey Jack you want yo-" he paused as he saw me and Mark on the floor me on top of him in nothing but pink boxers. Even under his mask I know  his expression was shocked and embarrassed."um....did I interrupt anything...?" Mark looked at cry and turned crimson red. He struggled to form words each one getting caught in his throat "NO! Um you didn't it's....I ..I  just fell right as he walked in and I landed in him!" I blurted out. Cry slowly nodded walking over holding a Hand out." Let me help you get off of  him."

Mark' s POV

I couldn't seem to find the words to say anything when cry saw Jack on top of me in just his boxers. Good thing jack Said something. Cry helped jack off of me and  I stood up quickly, and steadying myself. Holy balls were so close and he looks so cute in pink..WTF really at this time. " Well I should let you guys finish up..ill be outside."I turned and grabbed  to door handle when Jack stopped me."wait, um Mar-er.. Mr.Fishbach I need clothes um...mine are soaked.." I turned looking at him, his bare chest was wet and had some muscle. I leaned against the door trying not to blush, I fixed my glasses. " I may have some jeans....and a pull over hoodie you could use...I think." Cry raised his hand."I can go grab your bag Mr.Fishbach."I nodded and he slipped by leaving me and Jack alone in the locker room,with him in just boxers,alone with me..."um..sorry..about walking in..I should of waited.." I ran my hand through my flood of hair nervously. Jack looked away clearly embarrassed. " sorry I fell on you making the situation worst."we kinda just stood there in silence. Allowing the awkwardness to fill the space.i moved closer,grabbing Jack's Hand  in mine."hey, what you did for that kid was really do know what your doing. But I will say you help others but there's always one you'll miss. What you don't know is that you need help too. I know this is random.but it needed to be said,and Jack I'll help you in any way you need."Jack seemed to tear up at my little speech.He collapsed into my arms crying.This surprised me but I held Jack,rubbing his back softly."wh-when I s-saw him...I just ha-had  to help him have a better life than I do. No one should -ss-suffer like  that."I rubbed  his back feeling his warm tears on my shoulder. He burrowed his face  into my chest.I held him closer this is what he needed,to just let his emotions out. I rubbed his back as cry slid in. He stopped and  looked at Jack and  me. I quietly put a finger to my lips and he nodded understanding he put my bag on the bench an  walked into the other room. "Jack, cry brought the bag maybe you should get dressed?" He pulled away and nodded,I went to my bag and  pulled out a pull over hoodie, and a pair of jeans."here you go, now i'll wait outside, if you need anything let me know.ok?"Jack nodded and I left him to change. Something in me sparked as i left,I felt so much better.

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