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"Out of the seven billion people baby your the only one"~Numbers The cab

Mark POV

I groaned rolling over to turn off my blaring alarm on my phone,i just wanted to sleep. i groaned again as my phone slipped off the night stand onto the floor where it vibrated and rung loudly. i heard shuffling my door as i tried to grab my phone sleepily. i grabbed my phone turning it off, i then rolled back over,blinking as i began to wake up. my room was suddenly filled with light as the door pushed open. i groaned covering my face with a pillow. i then felt someone move the pillow, i looked up sleepily into a ocean of blue-gray eyes. i couldn't help but smile as jack leaned forward our lips connecting. he pulled away, i faked a pouty face as jack stood up straight."come on gotta get up, your alarm was already going off." i groaned sitting up as jack sat on the bed next to me. "i don't wanna get up," i grabbed my phone looking at it. "its only 6:30.....OH SHIT!"i jumped out of bed digging in my bag for some clothes. jack looked at me confused,he must of been up longer due to the fact he was dressed. i found some pants and a button up shirt,i quickly put them on before looking for my shoes. "whoa mark whats the rush?" i found my shoes and was quickly putting them on."i have a teacher conference at 6:45!" i heard jack mutter shite and he quickly grabbed his backpack and other stuff. i grabbed my keys phone and wallet before getting to my car. jack followed locking the front door as he left. he jumped in the passenger seat and i pulled out the drive way fast.

I pulled into a parking spot at the school,i turned off the engine and checked the time,6:40.i i got out of the car heading for the school door noticing how empty the school looked. i stopped when i felt jack pull on my bag. i turned and saw him smile,and slightly giggle. he grabbed my phone and showed me the screen. i stopped feeling my face heat up as i realized i wasn't late to the meeting. i had accidentally read one of my alarm times as my real time..heh. jack patted my back as we walked up to the school"hey its okay..I've done something like that too,i forgot about daylights saving and i arrived at a party an hour before it even started." i sighed i was such a goof. jack just laughed as we headed into the school. 

Jack POV

we walked into his classroom where he dropped his stuff and relaxed in his chair running a hand through his hair. i closed the door before coming closer to him, i sat on his desk in front of him. he sighed resting his head on my lap. "i could of slept in this morning.." i stroked his hair gently. "its okay. hey at least its only Monday." he moved his head and i leaned down to kiss him, our lips connecting and in perfect sync kissing each other without a care. i smiled into the kiss as Mark began to knead my hip with his hand. "Yo Mr. fish-JACK?!" i stopped looking to the door as mark  pushed away from me whipping his head that way too,standing in the door way was a tall blonde teen wearing fist tee and dark blue jeans. i felt my face heat up as i realized who it was, i saw marks face a scarlet red too. Felix stood looking at us, clearly shocked to walk in on us kissing. he quietly shut the door behind him looking at us as the situation between us grew more and more awkward. Felix coughed clearing his throat."i knew it!" i was confused as Felix fist pumped the air laughing,i looked over at Mark who was equally confused. "um..Felix what do you mean." he laughed loudly" oh jack you two couldn't hide it from me! i saw it when cry mentioned you had a boyfriend, i saw Mr. Fishbach's face blush and i saw you glance over at him quickly.HA! it also didn't help help that after first hour last week you had a hickey on your neck that wasn't there before!" i saw mark blush at this, he opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. i felt my breath quicken and i jumped up grabbing Felix's shoulders. "OKAY! you can not say anything to anyone! if you do Mark will be fired and ill be expelled!" he threw his hands up defenselessly." i swear i wouldn't tell anyone, i honestly don't care what kinky shite you guys get into, i'm just happy that i called it." i hugged him tightly. i pulled away seeing mark relax back in his chair, head in his hands. "god dammit that is the second heart attack today.." Felix laughed pulling up a chair as i sat down on Mark's desk again.Mark looked up at Felix as he adjusted his glasses."SO! Felix what do you need?" Felix shook his head."nothin' now came in here to ask if i had left my hat in here,but now i'm curious about you and jack. How do you keep it together in class? like do you guys meet up after school,oh my god who bottoms and who-" i stopped Felix right there. he nodded smirking. "okay, you meatball, i keep together like anyone else would, and yes we do meet up, Mark is my ride home. and no i'm telling you about my sex life." Felix nodded before looking over at mark who was red as hell."you're easily flustered about this aren't you?" Mark nodded. i laughed patting him on the back. "wait does cry know?" i nodded"he found out when we were in the locker room and i was changing and i fell, mark came in to make sure i was okay but then i fell on him and cry saw and just figured so..yeah" Felix nodded understanding. he smirked looking at me and mark."I'm Proud of you two, you don't care that you could be caught ,but you guys still are dating." i smiled looking over at mark who seemed to gain some confidence."yeah, well I think Jack is worth it." he leaned over kissing me. i blushed a little. I heard Felix yell "PDA!" i flipped off Felix as Mark kissed me. Felix just laughed. Mark pulled away seeming proud of himself. i smiled as we just kinda bullshited until mark  went to his meeting for real this time. Man am i glad i moved here.

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