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"Wish I could turn back the good ol' days..when my mama sang me to sleep......but now we're stressed out.."~21 pilots stressed out.
Mark POV
Jack laid passed out in the back seat of my car, he looked like he needed it.He just broke after ,what i assume was his father, showed up,he just looked like he was ready to snap..after that he said he just wanted to leave and go home. I didn't blame him when fell asleep in the backseat. Going through so much emotional pain can take a lot out of a person,I'm glad he's been able to stay sane through it,some people can and other just fall apart at the seams.
I pulled up in the driveway,killing the engine. I turned around seeing Jack was still sound asleep,he looked so calm. I grabbed the keys and stepped out opening the back door. I shoved my Keys in my pocket and gently I picked up Jack,surprisingly he was light. He didn't wake as I adjusted him in my arms so I wouldn't drop him. To anyone else it would of be weird to see a grown man carrying a sleeping 17 year old,but they s was normal for me,I didn't care what people thought. As I neared the door I saw I had predicament,I couldn't unlock the door while holding Jack,and I did t want to wake him up...huh. "Mr.Fishbach?" I turned seeing a familiar green hoodie and mask. He waved and saw Jack passed out in my arms. I then got a idea."cry, do you think you could help me out?" Cry nodded coming up to me."you need to unlock the door don't you?" I nodded.  I opened my mouth to tell him where to find a key when he bent down and moved a plant grabbing the silver key hidden beneath it. Guess he knew his way. He unlocked the door opening it for me, I pushed inside and motioned he could come in too. I gently took Jack and put him on the couch. Cry shuffled up next to me and sighed. I looked down at the small teen,waiting for his question."I imagine the viewing didn't go very well? Poor guy,he's been through so much..." I nodded looking at Jack with sad eyes."yeah he has.." Cry then looked up at me."I'm glad Jack someone like you to make sure he's okay. If you weren't here Mr.Fishbach,I don't think Jack would be able to stay sane."I sat down in the reclining chair and sighed,I looked at Jack watching his chest rise and fall as he slept soundly on the couch, for once in the last week he's looked peaceful.."Me either.."
Jack POV
I woke up on the couch,I looked around and saw Mark pasted out in the recliner asleep,he was still in his black suit.I stretched and noticed I was still in mine too. I sighed and got up and made my to my room,I paused as I passed her door,I looked down avoiding looking at the door. I sighed again and continued walking down the hall till I turned into my room. I began to unbutton my suit,slipping it off and lying it on bed. Next I began to unbutton my shirt as I did I couldn't figure out how to get the top button. I sat there and tried but I couldn't,I growled and sat down on the bed defeated. I sighed and got back up looking for something more comfortable to wear. As I stood my foot caught and I fell. I fell flat on my stomach next to my bed,I sighed starting to get up when I noticed a box under my bed,I reached under my bed grabbing the box and sliding it out.  I sat crisis cross in the floor the box in my lap. It was a small shoe box,the lid reading Sean's box of boss in messy handwriting. I smiled as I recognized my handwriting from when I was little. I gently slip off the lid,a note with my name on it greeting me. I picked it and opened it.
Dear future Sean,
Top of the morning to ya lad! Or me. Agh what the heck, hey how's life? I know us being at age ten were doing great! We just got the new stretch arm man hopefully I don't brake anything with it this time..yeah ma wasn't happy when We broke her base,heh. Oh! I have to go future Sean! Ma just said she made cookies! Hopefully you love cookies,especially Ma's cookies! Oh before I go tell Ma hi and that you love her!
I griped the paper with both hands tears streaming down my face as I read the last line..yeah ma was mad and no,I could never give up her cookies..they were the absolute best..

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