Sleep overs

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"Everywhere i'm lookin' now, i'm surrounded by your embrace. baby i can see your halo, you know you're my saving grace"~Halo Beyonce

Mark Pov

I walked down hall with my lunch, easily weaving my way through the sea of students as i made my to the lunch room. i smiled as i saw Sean laughing with his friends in the far corner of the lunch room. I decided since he hadn't seen me enter i'd sneak up on him. fixed my lunch box so it wouldn't make any sound when i walked. i slowly made my to Jack's table, slowing down as i got closer. Felix noticed me and he waved giving me away. i sighed as jack turned around smiling."Oh! Mr.Fishbach!" His eyes lit up as he said my name. man did it make him so adorable! cry gave a small wave before continuing to sip on his juice box. "hey boys! do you mind if i join you?" Jacks face turned red but he nodded,which cause Felix to giggle. I sat down next Jack who scooted over to give me room. "So Jack, what were you guys talking about it must of been quite a story to receive such a reaction i saw." Felix nodded quickly, taking another bite of his meatball sub."Yeah we were discussing how jackaboy here has a thing for a certain teacher and doesn't have the guts to admit it!" I saw Jack stop mid bite before turning red as my flannel he was wearing. i gave a soft chuckle as Jack quickly defended himself against Felix."Hey!I do Not all i said is that he was ho-"Jack bit his lip immediately. i felt a small blush rise to my cheeks but luckily no one seemed to notice it. Felix clapped Flailing his arms around."Ha! You just admitted it hahah!"I heard cry hold back a small snicker and he spoke. "Not to shoot you down Felix, but i believe Jack already has a boyfriend."It was my turn to stop mid bite,Jack and i both looked at Cry pleadingly as Felix stopped to gaze at Cry."what do you mean he already has a boyfriend? Jack you didn't mention you were in a relationship?" Jack then looked at jack who honestly didn't know what to say at this point. i tried desperately to hide my reding face. Oh god was cry about to reveal  mine and jack's relationship?

Jack POV

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? what was cry trying to do? i had asked him not to tell anyone about me and mark. Felix again inquired about my boyfriend."hey Jack who's your boyfriend?" I opened my mouth to speak but no words formed, my mind was panicking. i didn't know what to say. but again the mysterious cry spoke."Felix its not best to inquire about peoples private lives. I mean McLoughlin is clearly flustered about it. so best to leave it be."  Felix nodded returning his attention back to me. he smiled cheerfully "Yeah, i guess it is private i'll leave you alone about it." he smiled taking a bite out of his sub. i sighed glad that bullet was missed. i saw mark relax too. From Cry i heard a snicker i shot him a playful glare. He shrugged lifting his mask enough to take a bite of jello. i shook my head, man my friends were going to give me a damn heart attack.

~Time skip cause why not~

After school i was walking home, the rain coming down on me hard. man i wish i had grabbed my umbrella. Cry had gotten a ride home from his older Brother, so that left me alone walking home. i was startled by a car horn behind me, and then a blue ford hybrid pulled up next to me. I looked curiously over at it as the driver window rolled down. A pair of soft brown eyes and a goofy smile greeted me."hey jack, would you like a ride?"I smiled and got in the car with Mark. i quickly shut the car door melting in the warm interior of the car. "Oh god thank you Mark. This is so much better than the rain!" he laughed pulling away from the side walk. "yeah i bet it is, so which way am i heading?" i pointed left. he gently took a left."so you walk from home to school everyday? You know you could always ask me to come pick you up Jack." I smiled pointing right. Of course someone with a heart like his would say something like that. "i don't want to be a bother, and the third house down is mine."He slowly pulled in front of my house.I heard him chuckle and shake his head."Jack, no it wouldn't be a bother at all. i would actually prefer i drive you than you walk almost two blocks to school." i smiled getting out of the car, i waved him bye and went to my door unlocking it with my spare key. i opened the door hanging my hat up on the wall.  kicking off my shoes i made my way to the kitchen in search for my ma, instead i found a small plate of cookies and a note under it. i grabbed a cookie and a note. munching on pure goodness i read the note.

Jack, I've gone out for work and won't be back for a month. i know we just moved in a week ago but as you know my work has a crazy schedule, so you'll be alone for awhile. while I'm gone i don't care if your friends come over to keep you company just as long as you clean up any mess you guys make.  i left the secondary card for you if you want some pizza or need anything.

~love you Jackaboy, Ma

I grabbed another cookie as i finished the note. Aw ma was gone for a whole month.. and It was a Friday so this was even sadder. well at least i could have friends over...speaking of which.. i grabbed my phone out about to dial when it started to go off. "Yello?" i heard a soft laugh from the other side and a bassy voice filled my ear."Oh jack you weirdo."I smiled as i recognized who it was."Hey Mark! how did you get my number?" i heard another laugh."You have to remember i'm a teacher so i have access to school records. anyway i called you to let you know you left your bag in my car and i was wondering if you would perhaps want it back?"  i looked by the door where i bag usually laid and found it was not there. "Oh...Heh i guess i forgot about it. Yeah i would love to have that.Do you think you could drop it off?" i heard a honk out side of the house causing me to jump."Way ahead of you."I hung up walking outside i found Mark in front his car with my green bag. He smiled at me holding it up. i shook my head walking toward him taking my bag. "thanks Mark,How else would i be able to do my homework ha!" he chuckled ruffling my hair, i playfully bit at him."hey are your parents home? i would of thought I'd seen them when i honked." i shook my head remembering the note my ma had left me."No my ma is outta town for a month. so i'm alone."Mark gave me a saddened look."Really with no one around? What are you going to do for a whole month?"i shrugged i hadn't really thought of what i was going to do.. i then got a idea."hey Mark since i'm alone do"He looked at me curious. god damn it was hard to think sometimes with him around! "Um.,Do you think you could possibly stay with I'm not all alone.." He blushed at first then nodded."Um.. i guess i could." i jumped up and hugged him. This was going to be a fun month.

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