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"Get your sexy on, don't be shy girl, take it off, this is what you want, to be long so thy like you. do you like you?"-  Try Colbie Caillat
Jack POV
I walked down the hall,my hoodie comforting me as I moved through the hall alone. It was this time of day I enjoyed the most. The moment before school,when the world seemed to stop moving. Sure I enjoyed people and I loved a good crowd,but sometimes it was nice to alone. I had dropped my stuff off in my locker and now me and my ten pounds lighter bag were on our way to see my handsome Tech teacher. I rounded the hall to his room and an uneasy feeling settled over my stomach. Something seemed off, something wasn't right. I couldn't quite place it, but every step I took toreador the door my stomach felt like it was doing flops and turning in on its self. I grabbed the door handle turning my hands feeling sweaty. What is wrong with me? Maybe I'm getting g sick? Yeah..just a little sick that all. I opened the door, I smiled but it quickly faded as I saw Mark with his head down, his head  were in his hand. He had an overwhelming aroma of guilt and sadness."M-Mark? Are ye okay?"he seemed to have a dark shadow over him."it's Mr.Fishbach."that caught me off guard he corrected me. He was the one who told me to call him Mark so what was going on."Mar- er- Mr.Fishbach what's up?" He looked up from his hands, looking at me. His eyes weren't the normal deep brown and warm, they were a lighter brown and seemed cold and empty of all emotion. "Sean. I don't love you." The world around me stopped. My heart screamed in pain and I felt like my throat was closing. I opened my mouth to speak tears burning my eyes, but nothing came, again Mark said the words."I don't love you. I never did. I could never love a faggot like you. You were nothing but a Toy to me and now you're broken." I couldn't breath as the last words rolled off his tongue, the world around me seemed to dawn on, the air felt thick. I felt the tears coming down my face as I looked at him. Mark held no emotion at all, he stood there like a statue. I fell to the floor, holding my chest. This wasn't real. This wasn't happening."Mark. Why?" He just  stood there looking at me with a blank expression."Why. Why? Why!"and in a hushed whisper he spoke"Because broken toys get thrown away."
Mark POV
I heard sobbing next to me in the bed,I rubbed my eyes rolling over seeing Jack clutching the sheets his knuckles white. He had tears streaming down his face making the bed wet. I gently shook his small body trying to wake him up." wake up. Wake up." I saw his eyes slowly open p, scanning his surroundings. He saw me  and the tears built up more. I wrapped a warm around him pulling his small figure close to me."What's wrong? Why are you crying." He whimpered a little but nuzzled my exposed chest seemingly glad I was here to comfort him."I-I had a nightmare...yo-u told me that you d-didn't love me..and I was a broken t-t-toy.." I rubbed his back gently as he held onto my chest."I would never say that...I do love you. I love you more there is stars at night." Jack looked at me with big sad eyes."re-really?" I smiled lovingly at jack bringing a hand to his wet face, wiping his tears away."why wouldn't i love you? I will never stop loving you!" i leaned forward kissing his forehead softly."never." I wrapped an arm around him holding close."Ma-Mark i love you too...." i smiled kissing him again." i love you more.."


Jack POV 

i sat at Mark's desk swinging my legs softly waiting for Mark. He had been called to the office for something, probably for some teacher meeting. i leaned back studying the ceiling counting how many black dots litter the boring white paneling. i was bored out of my mind, you think that a proactive 18 year old would be on my phone Hash tagging or tweeting. i did have a social life but i wasn't brain dead and dependent on it like most teens now days. i sighed spinning in his rolly chair. Man i fooking loved these things. My mind  began to wandered as i waited. i  hummed a Irish song, cliche i know but i love my culture and i began to think of the nightmare i had, it still shook me up. the thought of Mark leaving me scared me. I had never felt more loved in my life,yeah my ma loved me and i loved her,but it was nice to hear someone else say i love you or you look stunning today. It made me smile goofily but again the fear of someone finding out and us being exposed still scared me shiteless. What we were doing was wrong, but i didn't care i loved Mark and he loved me.  i pulled out my phone and checked the time. 7:02. Mark had been gone for about A hour by now and i was beginning to get kinda bored waiting in here. i was about to text Felix to see if he could come by when the loud intercome broke my thoughts.

Sean McLoughlin will you Please come to the office. Sean Mcloughlin. 

I was confused but i grabbed my green bag, and began to head to the Office. I made my way down the hall till i came to the Office. i opened the office door seeing the secretary instantly look away, she seemed sad to see me. ...What the hell? i approached the desk tapping my finger on the top to get her attention. "Um...They called for me?" she gave me a weak smile and pointed to the Principals door. I thanked her opening the door. The scene in the room instantly Made my heart drop. A Cop sat in a chair talking to Principal Bob. Mark sat in a chair on the side his head in his hands. when Dan noticed me his eyes seemed to soften behind his glasses. "Sean. Please take a seat,"I hesitantly took a seat watching the Cop shift in his seat as i placed my bag next to me on floor. Principal Bob  straightened his glasses and turned to me, he gave me a weak smile. The cop whose tag read Rogger turned to me too." am i in here? did i like do something?" the principal shook his head, then he gave me a very sullen look. "No son you didn't.  Officer rogger was just telling me some news, and we only thought it would best you knew."My heart dropped as the Officer looked at me, i heard Mark behind me sniff, i looked at him and he looked so sad. i looked back at the officer. ...something was wrong ....very wrong. "Son, earlier today dispatch received a 9-1-1 call from south park street,"He paused his strong southern accent very obvious."...Son on South Park street there was a crash, two cars collided at the intersection. one being a dark blue pries...."My heart dropped and i couldn't breath the officer eyes soften and continued to speak."a women of her early 40s was killed on the stretcher who pulled her out, we like to know if you can identify this women. i hesitantly took the paper from his looking at the picture. my hands began to shake, my vision blurred by the tears, each one falling on to the one person who i had loved the most.I felt my chest ache and tears stream down my face."..No! i-it can't be true! its not real!" i whispered at first but grew louder Standing up. the officer stood up  along with Pricipal Bob they began trying to calm me down,but i slammed my fist into his chest."No!!" i felt two arms wrap around my waist holding me tight. i began to shrink falling agaisnt the warm body behind me, my crys and whimpers filling the room."" i heard the familiar voice speak in my ear, not even his voice could fill the gaping wound that replaced my heart.

 my mother...had died, leaving me in the cruel world behind...

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