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"Don't tell your mother, we kiss one another, die for each other, cause we're cool for the summer"~Cool for the summer Demi Lovato

Jacks POV

Mark pulled into the campsite killing the engine of the car. He turned looking at us smiling, the smile that had reeled me in when i first met him. I practically jumped out of the car taking in the sweet smell of the woods, Its was such a great smell. I looked out at the view the campsite overlooked, a lake flowing calmly and beautiful woods.I smiled this was going to be the best weekend I had ever had! As i looked at the beautiful scenery i felt warm arms wrapping around me and a welcoming voice in  my ear.

"It's beautiful ins't? My Dad, when i was younger used to take me camping every summer, and i loved every minute of it, just sitting by the river taking the woods in, it was peaceful." i smiled, the woods were peaceful, the natural sounds instead of cars and the city.  Mark kissed my cheek gently unwrapping his arms.

"Come one, we should start unpacking and setting up, while we wait for the others to arrive." i smiled warmly following mark to the car where Felix and Cry had began to get out their tents, Mark pulled ours out and handed it to me.

"Here jack set this up while i get the other stuff."I nodded finding a nice flat place, and began to unpack the tent as i did  dropped poles and tent stuff. i fumbled trying to pick up the poles only to fail once again. i heard the guys giggle as i failed at putting a tent together, i just glared at them only making me determined to show them i know how to do this. I turned my back ignoring their giggles finding the instructions.I was a little confuse i will admit but eventually i was able to figure it out. I was not going to be defeated by a tent! i could camp! I was feeling so proud as i placed the Poles in  the correct places, sliding the tent fabric with ease over them.  I stood back admiring my work. Felix stood next to me  looking at what i accomplished.

"Good work jack, a Tent didn't kick your ass." i rolled my eyes as he patted my back laughing. Mark appeared with the rest of the camping gear setting it down in front of our tent."Oh nice work! it looks great!" i smiled proudly, i had dominated that tent! ha! a sound of a car turned my attention from my work to a blue Sudan that Pulled up next to Marks Car. It stopped and two Men stepped out, one a tall guy who wore a red shirt with a minecraft W on it, the other guy kinda looked like mark but his hair was much shorter and his glasses much rounder and he seemed like a stiff guy. Mark perked up walking over clearly happy to see the men.

"Wade! Tyler! I didn't think you guys would make it! its Great to see you guys."the men Happily gave Mark a Bro hug smiling. I stood next to Felix and cry, as Mark talked to his friends. He then perked up leading his friends over to us."Guys this Is Jack, who i had been talking about. and theses are his Friends, Felix and cry."I curiously looked at Mark,Talking about me?Wade and Tyler happily shook our hands. They seemed friendly and easy going.

"It's nice to meet You jack, Mark Talks About you All the time."I smiled Mark blushing slightly."Oh, just  little comments about you here and there..nothing too big." They guy with Glasses,who  i think was Tyler laughed.

"Nothing too big? Mark  you never shut up about him! If i didn't know you two were Dating i would call you a stalker."I couldn't help but Laugh as Mark turned about as red as Wade's shirt. Felix laughed hysterically holding his stomach. "Bro you're as bad as Jack!" I turned red, cry who had let out a small snicker spoke."Oh yes, Jack was  quite the fan girl over you!" I punched Felix's arm. he flinched but laughed. Mark coughed, his face still very red.

"Besides embarrassing Jack and I, i think we have tents to set up. especially you Guys."Mark glared at Wade and Tyler who started to calm down. Wade stifled a laughed starting toward the Sudan."Wow Mark I thought you loved all the at-tent-tion. " I saw Mark roll his eyes."Shut up wade!"


Mark's POV 

Around 4-ish everyone had set up tents and we had a nice little camp all set up, even through there was a lot of bullshitting and bad puns we had gotten it done. I heard Jack sigh plopping down in a chair we had brought, he leaned his head back sighing. i took the seat next to him chuckling.

"exhausted?" he lazily rolled his head over to look at me."Yes, i could just go dive in the lake right now." i chuckled scooting closer in the chair toward him.I looked around for the others but i didn't see them. "where are the others?" Jack adjusted where he sat up in the chair.

"Tyler and wade went to the small shop up the road getting Smore stuff and cry and Felix are out collecting wood for the fire later."I smiled Placing a kiss on jack's lips, it was nice kissing him again."So its just us at the camp..Alone" i spoke in between the kiss. Jack smiled into the kiss humming in response.

"yeah..what were you thinking"I smiled breaking the kiss i took my glasses off placing them in the chair.I  stood up walking to the water, where I took my shirt and shorts off leaving me in just boxers. jack stood up seeing what i was doing."You really want to swim?" i nodded starting to wade out into the cool lake."You said you could just jump in here didn't you? so why not?"I smirked as Jack began to strip down too. he walked to the lake's edge getting in, i heard him ooo as he touched the water. I laughed watching as he waded out to where i was.

"Oh shite Mark the water is fookin' cold!"I smiled taking this to my advantage. i came closer wrapping my arms around him pinning Jack's back against my chest."Does this warm you up Jack?"Jack laughed squirming in my grip, but held on close pulling him deeper into the water."Mark! OooOOo the water is cold! And no you're not helping!"I smiled starting to lower jack and myself into the water, Jack yelped as the cool water hit his upper chest."MarK Let gooo! its c-cold!" i chuckled leaning close to his ear."Nuu..I like my small Irish boyfriend."I cooed. Jack giggled as my warm breath hit his ear causing him to squirm more. i then Began to attacking his exposed collarbone nibbling on it softly. "Ma-Mark! that's not f-fair! you have me trapped!"I smiled  letting go laughing as Jack was a deep red. i the saw i had left a mark and began to laugh. Jack looked at me turning redder and splashing me."You left a hickey didn't you!" i tried to hide my smile but i couldn't. Jack smiled evilly splashing me and coming closer.

"That's it! I'm going to get you back!" i swam away splashing him, but he was quick, even in water. He jumped up tackling me  and causing us to both go under. we both cam up gasping for air but laughing.  He then smashed his lips against mine. I smiled and had an idea. I pick jack up breaking the kiss and He squirmed wrapping an arm around my neck."Mark don't-" i dropped him into the water with a splash, he then came up spitting out water.."that was so uncalled for!" he splashed me, but them grabbed my chin kissing me. this time i didn't drop him, but i did pick him up letting him wrap his legs around my waist."You're...So..Light" i muttered into the kiss. He smiled."Fook you."I smiled continuing to kiss him. 

 I then heard a yell. I broke the kiss looking toward Felix who had returned and quickly stripped and now was running into the water."i'm Coming in hoes!" he  dove right in making a huge splash and of course hitting Jack and I. I laughed as he came to surface, spitting out some lake,his hair covering his face as he laughed.Jack still in my arms reached down splashing him."You're such a moment killer Felix!" Felix laughed. 

"Sorry i cock blocked you jack." I couldn't help but laugh as Jack flipped him off.


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