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Jacks POV

I walked down the hall through the  mess of teens replying what just happened in my mind. Holy balls I kissed Mr.Fishbach, er.. Mark I mean and he didn't even seem to care!Holy shit. He even said know one has to to know.."Hey! There's my leprechaun!" I jumped as I heard Felix voice next to me. He pat my back and stretched."so why did Mr.Fishbach want you to stay?" Felix pulled out a piece of candy from his pocket and began to munch on it. I shrugged pretending nothing happened"Ah, nothin he just wanted to ask me some some questions that's all" he nodded and we continued to our next hours.

I sat next to Felix during lunch I was still kinda nervous and jittery about what happened.i picked at my food, I wasn't sad I was just fluttery,Felix played with his lunch making weird noises."Staphno!go save Edgar the barrels have him!Nuuuu!"I chuckled a little he was 17 and in high school,yet he still plays with his food. He smiled and munched happily on staphono the nugget. I ate my lunch enjoying the beautiful weather of outside lunch.Blue skies, a warm Sun and a subtle breeze,kinda reminded me of Ireland. I grabbed my pop and took a drink when I noticed Mark walking out side and munching on a ham sandwich. My heart jumped at the sight of him blushing as he licked his lips taking another bite. Felix noticed and then turned toward the direction of Mark. fortunately he had bent down to pick up the bread he dropped. Felix looked  confused."what are you blushing about? There like nothing there bro." I turned red and waved my arms like a mad man. "OH NOTHING!" I rubbed  the back of my head awkwardly. Felix shrugged and continued to mess with his food. I sighed relived Mark hadn't noticed me, I was kinda sad  too.I spoke too soon. Mark smiled and made his way over. "Hey guys how's lunch looking?"his voice sent my stomach a flutter. Felix smiled at him and  gestured to his tray."its going very well, Mr.Fishbach!" Mark looked at me with his soft brown eyes and they seemed to twinkle." Hey Jack could speak to you for a moment?" My heart stop. I bet it was going to be about the incident in first hour maybe he wanted to forget it. I stood up calmly and followed Mark. I could hear Felix softly oo as I left. 

    Mark took me to a empty class room and stood in front of me. My heart was pounding I didn't know what to say he looks  kinda sad and  mad at the same time." I'm...I'm about..earlier I-I don't know what came over m-" I was cut off by Mark, he pulled me closer and sighed his breathing a little shaky."Jack you have nothing to apologize .."he looked deep into my eyes. "No I do,I understand if you want to forget it , it's ok I'm fine it was a one tim-" Mark interrupted me with a kiss,it surprise  me at first then I kissed back. He leaned closer causing me to sit up on the desk. I ran a hand through his hair,and he held my waist. I pulled away softly allowing the his taste to last."I don't want it to be a one time thing, Jack I know you got picked on earlier for being gay,but...".he began to tear up it made my heart hurt." I don't want you to be hurt,when I see you I see my self when i was your age and I want to protect you from the pain I experienced. So I'll make sure your loved day  I do love you and  I'll make sure nothing bad will happen as long as I breath. Nothing can hurt you now. I promise." I hugged him tears in my eyes too, no one really accepted me and loved me,I now felt at home.

Mark's POV

I knew it was wrong, but when I saw him this morning I felt a connection and when he kissed me I didn't know what to do but I knew something had sparked. He looked so cute, his storm blue eyes that Irish accent and those soft lips were amazing, and I being gay too, knew the challenges of fitting in. I knew he would need someone for him,to love him and tell him everything is alright. He had tears I'm his eyes. I hugged him and held him close.  He sniffed and pulled away." Thank you,I don't know what to say, I.mean I'm practically dating you, a teacher.My teacher. Wouldn't that be  bit weird. what if people find out?" He looked worried and scared,I understood if people found Out I'd be fired." Don't worry as longer don't do it in public and when's it's just me and you,call me Mark other wise call me Mr.Fishbach." he nodded. "Ok,I should get back to lunch so Felix doesn't feel lonely."I moved back so jack could get down. I followed him and we made our way back to the outdoor lunch area." Um see ya Mr.Fishbach." he waved at me and took his seat with his friend. I winked at him causing him to blush a little I heard felix laugh and nudge him in the arm. I gave a small laugh,Jack was cute when he blushed.

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