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Jacks POV

Mark and i held our shoes in hand, Walking back  to the camp. I was still really red from Felix finding us in tangled up in the back of Mark's car, but Mark must of been really embarrassed cause Felix had recognized us by Mark's moan. I heard laughter as we came closer to the camp.I looked down at my feet feeling my face warm up with embarrassment.As we came into the  circle the guys hushed. i glanced up and i noticed Felix wasn't with them. I opened my tent i could feel the the guy's questions burning in them, Mark did the same. he found the stool and took a seat in the circle, i joined next to him.Wade looked at us and smirked."so...You guys were gone for a while...what were you guys up to?"I felt my face grow red, but looked up at wade."..just looking for more hot dogs."Tyler snickered a little."well, i guess Felix saw something else then."Mark's face grew red as a tomato, i shifted awkwardly. my gaze falling on to the flames. Wade again giggled"Yeah just hot dogs jack.."Cry  sat quietly eating a s'more. But wade and Tyler seemed to find it it funny that Me and Mark were embarrassed.I tried to relax and roast a marshmallow, i grabbed a cracker and chocolate placing the melted mallow on it. I took a bite of the s'more feeling a little bit cooler now. Mark sat next to me starting to roast his. Wade cracked jokes with Tyler."Hey jack."I looked up from my s'more, wade laughed a bit them motioned to his mouth."Um you gotta little white stuff next to your mouth."I lost it then, my face turned red and I wiped it off."Shut up wade!"Wade laughed holding his stomach.Mark held back a snicker, but he rubbed my back softly.

"Oh jack i thought you had cleaned up?"I looked at Mark shocked he had said that.I then got ]mad ans snapped back." oh like you have much room Mr.Moan loudly."Mark choked on his s'more he had took a bite from.Wade and Tyler were dying from laughter. I stood up heading onto the tent, i need to cool down. i unzipped the tent throwing open the flap and then zipping it back quickly.I stormed the best i could in a tent and plopped down curling up in the blankets in a corner. I could feel my face slowly cool but i knew i was still really red. I huffed bringing my knees to my chest and resting my chin on my knees. I heard the others laughing outside the tent, i just sat there watching as an ant walked in circles on the floor. I heard the zipper slowly unzip and shuffling follow. I knew it was Mark, but i was a little mad him. I then felt a arm wrap around my shoulder, i look over seeing Mark as he sat down and tried scooting  closer to me. i huffed and scooted away, He frowned but came over Placing his chin my shoulder."I'm sorry jack..I was joking."I turned my gaze away from him, but Mark still was persistent. He wrapped his Arms around me and pulled me close."aw..jack i love you..Don't be upset."I huffed as Mark did a fake pouty face. He then nuzzled my neck, i bit my lip to hold back a smile."Jaaaaack...Please don't be mad...Im sorwy.."He was such a goof. i Looked at him, he still had a fake pouty face,"Ugh..fine i wont be mad, as long as you stop your pouty face."He smiled and kissed my cheek."Yay!" I shook my head smiling and kissed his nose. 

~Le time skip~

I groaned, rolling over in my sleeping bag, i shivered. i scooted over hoping to find warmth with Mark but i was greeted by cold. I sat up blinking away sleep, Mark wasn't next to me.I thought for a bit before deciding he probably got up early.I stretched finding my pants,I put them on and exited out of my tent. The morning sun blinded me as i stood up, I covered my eyes and looked around for Mark. He wasn't anywhere in sight, i frowned but found cry eating some a honey bun."Morning cry,Hey have you seen Mark?"Cry yawned."Um..Yeah, him and wade went on a walk."I nodded and went back to the tent to change.I slipped on Mark's hoodie and shoes and headed off.

I walked for a bit before i heard laughing. I followed the laughter till i found Mark and wade sitting on a big rock talking.I smiled Mark looked so cute.Wade took a deep breath calming down form the laughter."So Mark, how long has it been?I mean you've kept it up for a while."Mark nodded taking a drink of coke."'s been about a month, but i don't think i'm ready to tell him yet,you know? Like i'm not sure how he'll react?"I thought for a minute, what was mark talking about? i hid behind a tree listening. Wade patted Mark's shoulder comfortingly. "Hey, i know its a lot, but you can tell him."Mark sighed, he seemed worried. what was worrying him so much?"I know wade, i'm just scared....Just don't tell him okay?"Wade smiled patting Mark's back."Yeah buddy i won't utter a word."I sat down thinking. What was mark so scared to tell me? I had and uneasy feeling in my stomach..something wasn't right.

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