Day out

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" you cast a spell on,spell on me. You hit me like sky fell on me,fell on me and I decided you look well on,well on me."-Glad you came The Wanted
Jack POV
I threw on my light blue hoodie and my favorite flat cap. I fixed my hair in the mirror, making sure everything was right in place. "Jack! You almost done? I'm ready to go!" I smiled making my way down the hall to the living room where Mark stood keys in hand. I giggled a little as I saw his flannel buttons were a little off. "Well, Mr.Fishbach, your buttons are off so you need to fix it. Or better yet I'll fix it for you since you didn't get it the first time." He looked down frowning but didn't resist as I fixed the buttons. As I fixed the top button I leaned in kissing him gently."now we're ready to go." He smiled kissing me back. He opened the door like a gentle man and even locked the door for me. Then again he opened his car door for me. I mocked a flattered look and he just shook his head. He got in the drivers seat and pulled out of the drive way."so what time does it start?" I opened my phone and pulled up the website,it took a few scrolls to find it but I eventually did. "Um like 3:30,but it's only 12 so I guess we time to spare. In the mean time we can hit the mall wonder around there for a bit."  He nodded focused on the road ahead. He reached over holding my hand. My stomach had little butterfly's at his touch but, it always did whenever I was around him.
We pulled into the malls parking lot finally after 15 minutes of searching for an open spot,and luckily it was near an entrance. Mark and I got out and headed toward the bustling mall. As we entered the mall I saw a huge bounce house, as I saw it the little kid in me was screaming. Mark must of seen my eager excitement cause he pulled me toward it. The bounce house was giant, it was the usual castle.What was even better it seemed to attached to indoor playground. It was medieval style my favorite. Luckily we didn't seem to be the only older people willing to bounce and run around on a playground. As we neared the edge I threw off my shoes throwing them with the others and rushed over to the bounce house. I heard Mark yell after me as he followed. I practically threw my self in the bounce house. I bounced happily laughing as Mark struggled getting into it. Some littler kids were in there too and they didn't mind having someone who could bounce them high. In fact when Mark wasn't paying attention I got a bunch of them up and I formed a plan with them.
Marks POV
I was bouncing in the bounce house with Jack not really paying attention when all the sudden I was tackled by a bunch of little kids."ah!" I fell to the bouncy floor as kids began to climb on top of me. I laughed as the kids tried to bounce me. I heard Jack just laughing his ass off. I saw him on the floor just laughing and rolling around.I looked at the kids and yelled."get the Irish guy!" Jack froze and the kids looked at him he quickly got up as they yelled  chasing him. Jack slid out of the bounce house and headed to the castle. I followed the kids laughing. Jack quickly rounded a corner ducking into a room filled with costumes and toys. The kids stood confused for a bit as did I. They all looked at me and I shrugged, but then I saw some foam swords and knight outfits. I smiled kneeling down into front of the kids luckily they weren't little kids some looked about 10 or 12 and just happened to be drug over by a younger sibling. "Hey guys I have an idea."
I slowly crept through the castles interior guiding the fully suited  kids behind me.  One of them giggled but another shushed them. I smiled back at the kids and they couldn't help but giggle. I then heard a shuffle of feet and an older kid came bound toward me in a Knights shirt and weld a sword and shield. He went to speak but a kid behind me cut him off."what's the password?" The older kid rolled his eyes."Kay you know it's me and I'm on your side." The kid named Kay shook his head." What's the password?" The kid groaned."macaroni cheese sticks." Kay smiled looking up at me. I nodded looking back at the older kid. "Okay, I scouted the path ahead I spotted the Irish knight in an opening he was alone so he's an easy ambush." I nodded and turned to my small army of kids. "Alright here's the plan. Kay,you and your bother take Kayla and Simon to the right. Mike,Jonas and Lucy take the left. I'll take the middle when I give the signal we'll surround him. On three." I crouched down and stuck my hand in the middle. All the kids placed their hand on mine,even the older kids, Jonas, nick,Kay's older brother and Simon seemed pretty excited."one two three Macaroni cheese sticks!" We each split off  taking our positions. I placed my back on the wall and I could see the other in place. I nodded and then charged. "Aaaaahhhh!" We ran to the middle of the room only to stop. I looked around saw only my small army. Nick stepped forward shaking his head."ha hahaha! You fell for it!"With that he ran away laughing. I stood confused but then I heard shuffling.
~later at the movies~jacks POV
"Jack that was not fair!" Mark playfully whined as I bought our drinks, popcorn and some candy. He was still mad how my little army had tricked him and then ambushed his army." It wasn't unfair. You were just so dense."he frowned grabbing our drinks as I grabbed the candy and popcorn."dense?how was I dense?" I laughed as we entered the theater."first off, you don't go around yelling your code word. And two you trusted a kid who wasn't even in your group." He rolled his eyes as we took our seats." You still cheated..." I smiled he was so childish.

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