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Mark Pov

I slowly opened my eyes, seeing blurs of people over me, speaking and yelling, their voices just loud echos. A bright light casting shadows on them as they huddle over me, their voices bouncing round, their dark shadowy arms reaching across me and grabbing. My other senses slowly tingled as I feel hard cement underneath me, a warm sensation to my sensitive back. My voice felt so heavy and gravely as I tried to speak,the blurs placing a hand on my chest to get me to stop. I blink slowly trying to hold on to conscious,but my eyelids feel so heavy. I then feel a warm sensation on my arm, i slightly turn my head,following a blurry arm up to a pair of storm blue eyes. i focused on them, for the eyes gave a sense of peace and comfort, but the eyes themselves seems so fearful and worried as they stared back.I know who the eyes belong to,my mind fights to find a name, but it's lost to a sea of confusion. I continue to watch the eyes hoping to find a name for them but a dark shadowy blur pushes them out of view. My mind goes into a fury of panic as the eyes slip from view and i try to reach for them wanting to see them again. The blur of people push my hands down as they reach over me grabbing long strips of fabric and pull them across my chest. i then feel them slowly lift me, my senses overwhelmed with pain and feelings. My senses calm as i feel a soft cushion beneath me. The blurs slowly lifting me on the soft cushion and pulling me from the overwhelming brightness to a soft comforting yellow glow. someone comes close ,placing some sort of clear mask on my face, as i breath in the oxygen its pushing out the blurs slowly become clearer but still unidentifiable and the sounds still a distant echo. A Person comes closer placing cold pads on my exposed chest ,turning to a fuzzy screen.I then feel a hand slip into mine,its touch so warm and welcoming. I look over at my hand,my head lazily rolling over to see whose hand is in mine. I recognize the storm eyes again, I sensation of joy washes over me, i was happy to see the eyes again.Though my mind still couldn't place who it was,but i knew this person was someone i loved dearly. As i watch the eyes, my own began to grow heavy and my breath started to slow, the eyes flashed panic and jump up. A loud and continuous beep striked, ringing in my ears and again my world begins to fades to black,but through the loud beep a echo cut through so clear.

"Mark!" pressure hits my chest, but quickly fades. Again, more pressure hits, again, It fades. I can faintly feel my heart in my chest, it feels so slow and unevenly paced. Again, the pressure hits, but this time i feel a slight pick up in my chest. then a sharp electric shock runs through my chest and my heart thumps quickly.I take in a sharp breath as,my eyes begin to flutter open, this time no soft yellow light to greet me . No, now just rushing bright white lights above me as a woman with a loud urgent voice yells, another woman running next to me holding a breathing mask.I feel the Warm hand in mine and see the eyes, relief washes over them as they notice i see them. but the thing that holds me hits a hard object and a man in a blue outfit stops the eyes from following, and i see them disappear behind gray double doors. I try to reach for them,but they're too far as i'm whisked away through the doors. The woman looks at me and i can see her mouth move,it takes a minute before i hear what she's saying.

"Sir! can you hear me! Blink once if you can hear me!"I slowly blink. She sighs in relief, quickly glancing up to see where she going. Her attention is back on me and she speaks again.

"Sir, You are in the hospital, don't worry were here to help."I slowly nod. She seems relived that i'm responding, but her face of relief slowly turns to panic, as my eyes roll back and i black out.

"it doesn't matter where you're at, what time it is, or how far away you are, I will make sure that in all my power i can make you feel happy.." a warm voice spoke in my ear as I felt a pair of welcoming arms wrap themselves around my waist. I smiled grabbing one of the hands and kissed it gently.A hum in my ear let me know my kiss was enjoyed and the warm voice spoke again.

"And in all the years I've known you, you've always made smile, and it's killing me to think i did this...To think you're here because of me."I stopped and slowly turned around the arms around my waist slipping away to return to the owner, who was on their knees, crying. I felt my heart drop, something about seeing them cry destroyed me.I felt like seeing them cried was my fault,that they were crying cause of me. I slowly got on my knees,placing a caring hand on their shoulder as they sobbed heavily into their hands,tears rolling off the bottom of the palms. I reached out with my other hand,touching their cheek softly, they calmed down a bit leaning slightly into my touch. i smiled softly as they removed their hands,soft green hair covering some of their face. i moved their hair out of the way revealing the gorgeous pair of storm blue eyes i had ever seen. My heart stopped as i recognized who it was. It was saddening to see, the face i loved so dearly red with tears and looking so pained. I threw my arms around them and pulled them close. I pressed a kissed to their head and whispered softly.


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