Alone with You

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"I feel like a hero, and you are my Heroine. Did you know that your love is the sweetest sin?"~Hero/Heroine boys like girls
Jacks POV
Mark brought over his stuff and he was now setting up in the guest room. Oh god to think I'm going to be alone with him for one whole freaking month! We're dating  what are we going to do? My thoughts were interrupted by Mark yelling."Fuck! God damn it!"i was a little surprised to hear him cuss but, I went to the room to see what had happened. I popped my head into the guest room, blushing immediately. Mark stood next to the bed completely shirtless and he had soda all down the front of his chest. I had seen him shirtless before but this was different, I could see his chest in all its glory, soda slowly dripping down. I then felt my self get excited, i gasped as he turned to my direction. I quickly ducked back and ran into my room.i quickly shut the door behind me. I slid down the door blushing like crazy. I let go of a breath I didn't realize I was holding."oh my gerd....what the fuck was that?..its was hot but oh god"I crossed my legs, I still had a 'problem'. I jumped as I heard a knock from my door."Jack? Um are you in there..I need some help." My heart dropped oh no.. I still had a problem...UGH.i felt the door slightly open. I quickly jumped on my bed and covered up my lower body.

Mark POV
I slowly opened the door and I found Jack blushing while staring at the door. His lower half was covered with a blanket. I honestly didn't what to do with this situation.I felt my face heat up and as I saw him just staring at me. Damn he looked so adorable."um...I'm sorry did I interrupt something...." I saw his eyes go wide as his face turned really red."Oh god! No I-I um no! You just-um your here and I-" he quickly covered his face with his hands, making him look like a small helpless child. I smiled and came over to the bed, I gently sat down next to him and I began to rub his back. "Hey it's okay,no need to be embarrassed."I heard him give a soft mumble and he looked up at me. I saw he blushed looking down at my chest. I then remembered I didn't have a shirt on. I smirked. "oh you enjoying the view?" I stood on my knees and stretched my arms so my chest was more visible. This only caused him to blush more. I chuckled starting to sit back down. As I did my leg got caught on the blanket causing me to fall forward onto Jack. As I fell on him he fell off the bed with me on top. I pushed up to look down at him. I was practically straddling his hips. "...uh..." I saw Jack's face grow even more red. I honestly thought someone could get so red. I shyly smiled and tried to get up,but I was tangled on the blanket. So every time I moved I would brush Jack's hips with mine. As I tried to move again I felt something move under me. I then felt Jack try to cross his legs but he was unable to with me on top. I smirked Looking down at him as he bites his lip. It was time to have some fun.
Jacks POV
Oh my god, oh can't stand this, Mark on me,I bit my lip to keep  from accidentally letting out a moan. Mark looks at me smirking. I can't help but blush again. He then leans down, to the point I can smell his shampoo.."Jack.... you seem to be enjoying yourself... "I shiver lightly as his warm breath hits my ear. I  then feel something warm run up my inner thigh. I feel it grow higher  up my thigh,at this points I pant into Mark's ears, feeling my stomach warm with a sensation. Mark's hand finally maked it to my crotch. I gasped as he began to palm me through my jeans. "Ma-Mar.." The sensation in my stomach was building,I arched my back lightly as Mark whispered in my ear."hmm is this helping..." I moaned feeling him stop and begin to undo my buckle, he was half way in my jeans when a knock both scared us. I heard him sigh and get up."I'll go see who that is." I lied there next to my bed panting still trying to get my breath. I was kinda disappointed that we were interrupted, but damn did I need to breath. Mark came back In the room with a box. He looked at it confused. I sat up looking at the box. It had my name on it in big blue letters. "Package for you?"

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