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"Forever is a long time,But I wouldn't mind spending it by your side Tell me everyday I get to wake up to that smile,I wouldn't mind it at all ."-I wouldn't mind

Jack's POV

I laid on the couch wrapped in a blanket, i felt so exposed and small. The school had sent me home after what Mark told them what happened,Trevor had been expelled I felt so Vulnerable when i had to re describe what had happen in the store room. it was like living a nightmare.i felt a warm hand on my hip causing me to flinch a little but i looked up seeing his soft brown eyes looking me over with concern and care.He gave me a small smile as he sat down next to me. i instantly cuddled up to him, wanting his soft and warm touch, wanting his protection and safety. Mark wrapped his arms around me holding me close, i rested my head on his chest wanting to just melt into his arms."i-i'm so scared Mark...I don't know what to do know, all the questions they many people..i just.."I felt the emotions rise and begin to flood out, i buried my head into his chest soaking his blue shirt with my tears. Mark gently rubbed a hand up and down my back trying to ease me."shhh....its okay now...i'm here...shhh." i hiccuped trying to stop my crying, i bit my lip trying to hold back more tears but they just kept flowing.Mark's arms pulled my closer to him, like he was afraid i was going to slip away. i didn't care, i just wanted to be here and no where else right now."Ma-Mark i was so glad to see glad that you showed up wh-when you did..I don't know what he would of done...if.."More tears flooded. I couldn't believe myself. he hadn't done anything too serious but, here i was bawling my eyes out. Maybe it was the fact i allowed it to happen,or that i wasn't strong enough to stop him from almost shoving his whole hand in my pants...I was weak..I was useless. "I was stupid..."Mark stopped rubbing my back and looked down at me. his eyes were so hurt."You were not stupid you had no idea what was going to wasn't you."I sniffed " wasn't me.. but i didn't say anything about the creepy texts, i didn't prevent them i let it happen...I did this! "I pushed away from Mark holding myself as the anger and regret grew."I.. did this.."Mark stood up trying to hug me, at first i rejected him but i felt so cold and stupid. i then. allowed him to wrap his arms around me. Again he held me close."this was not your fault you are the victim. You had no idea that he was going to that." I nodded pushing my head against his chest. I felt him lean down closer and kiss my head, mumbling softly."I'm here now."
Mark's POV
Jack lied on the couch passed out. He had fallen asleep in my arms crying. It was so heartbreaking to see him like this, the usually loud,rambunctious,Irish teen was now broken. I don't know what exactly happened in the store room but, I will make sure that make sure nothing like that happens again. I Couldn't stand to see him so hurt like this. I pulled the blanket over him more and stood up looking at my watch, It was already five which means he had been crying in my arms at least an hour cause it was five by the time we had returned to his house. i walked into the kitchen opening the fridge to make some food. as looked through the fridge my phone buzzed sounding off with a galaxy ringtone. I Pulled it out answering it as i found nothing and deciding to move to the cabinet."Hello?" a voice of mixed slurred words came through."Heeey Seexy~"I groaned as i realized who it was."What Do you want Arron?" I heard a soft giggle and More slurred words"AAAww Mooo...You don't call meh Yami anymore? i Loved when your swoft vice said Yaamii.." I could tell Arron was drunk and i in all honestly didn't want to talk to him like this or ever..not after what he did to me."No. Arron i'm not moo, and no i'm not calling you that." i heard him pout a little before answering. " buuut Moo...I love yooouu....He meant nothing to me.."I took my glasses off pinching my nose in aggravation. why was i even talking to him?"Arron. No you're not going to do this, You're fucking drunk and I don't care about him or you in fact. What we had is gone and you can go fuck him all you want for i will never love you back. Now leave me alone. For once be sober!" I heard him try to say something but i hung up. i sighed out, what the fuck was that? it's been at least a year and he's now crawling back...He is just desperate his fuck buddy probably saw what happened and got out as fast as he could. i didn't blame him either. again i sighed, i put my glasses on and turned to open the cabinet when i saw a sleepy Jack standing in the door way. He looked at me curiously."who was that and are you okay Mark?" he came closer and i wrapped my arms around his waist kissing his forehead."Just a drunk Ex but, don't worry about me. the real question is are you okay?" he nodded rubbing his eye sleepily.


I know its not much i just wanted to give you guys a little look into what Marks past is like,and just a look in what happened with Jack. i really hope you guys have been enjoying my story :D and if you have any ideas i'll be glad to read them.

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