little boxes

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Jack Pov
I hugged my Knees to my chest, my chin resting on them as I stared out at the water. My thoughts still hung on the thought of Mark. Deep inside I knew Mark would never cheat on me, but the other side of me screamed he had never loved me. I was a toy to him, that a teacher could never love a student it just wasn't right. Tears rolled down my cheek, thats all I could do. Cry.. I didn't know what to do, if I went back I would have to face Mark and I don't think I could do that. To face the truth of Mark really with someone else.  I shook my head in denial and buried my head in my knees. I shivered slightly pulling the hoodie I wore tighter around me in attempt to warm up. I needed to go back ,but here on the waters edge I was away from the pain, away from everything just me... Like always just me. A loud snap behind me made jump, I looked at the forest scanning it for any movement. Nothing moved but another snap, louder this time.  I stood up and called out. "Wh-who's there? "My voice shook as I saw a dark shadow move through the woods. I stepped back my foot squishing in mud. Another snap to the left of me. There were two. I was scared I was cornered. I looked around for anyway out but I had the lake to my back and what ever was in the woods in front of me.  I gulped there was only one way. I took a deep breath
And dashed forward, my Hood fell over my eyes so I blinded as I ran forward, I ran into something that gave a soft oof but I tried to push past but it grabbed my wrist.I couldn't see anything my Hood still covering my face as I tried to pulled away. I was blindly swinging my fist hitting it's chest. I felt a strong grip grab my other wrist.  I twisted and pulled trying what ever I could get away. "Get off of me!"I screamed but who ever had me would not let go. "Jack! " I panicked and kicked where I knew it would hurt. The person wavered their grip loosening, I took the opportunity to run away but as I ran I felt someone tackle me. I fell the person rolling me over . Again I fought and kicked but they sat on top of me so I couldn't move.  That stop me from throwing my fist. But again the person grabbed both my hands and pinned them above me.  I squirmed yelling and spitting. "Get the Fook off of me! " I kicked but it did absolutely mouthing. "Jack! Stop it's me! " I continued to kick"How do you know me you perv! " I then felt a hand flip the Hood up from my face. I was blinded at first due to the sun but, eventually I saw a familiar black flood of hair.

"Mark? " he smiled  letting go of my wrist and leaned down to me pressing his lips against mine.  I was so happy it was him I kissed back but then I remembered.  I pushed him away "no you don't to kissed me! " mark looked at me confused. I felt angry at him.  I slammed my fist at his chest, he seemed so confused. "Jack what going on?  Why are so mad! "I could feel the tears coming on but I tried to fight them back. "No you don't get to pull the innocent card!  I heard what you said to Wade! " Mark stopped looking at me. "Yeah!  I fookin heard!  So what is it?  You're so worked up over me not finding out ,so are you cheating on me?  You plan on leaving me is that it! " Mark sighed.  He ran a hand through his hair and looked down at me. "Jack.. Is that why you're so pissed.. Why you screamed at me?.. " he sighed again. "Jack.. You heard only part of our conversation, why were talking about was never about me leaving you or cheating. Yes it was about you, but not what you think. "Mark reached behind him and into his pocket. I watched wanting answers. He received a small black box and looked down at it and then looked at me. I stopped, I was so stupid.  Mark opened the box revealing a gold band engraved with a J. I looked from the ring to Mark, he smiled.
"Sean William McLoughlin will you marry me? "I froze. i didn't know what to say...but i yelled the first word that came mind."Fookin yes!" i then grabbed Mark's chin and kissed him.

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