Over the Rainbow

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"Be my friend, hold me,Wrap me up, unfold me.I am small, and needy Warm me up and breathe me"-breath me sia

Jack's POV

I quietly sat in tech in the front doodling on a paper as Mark explained how triangles and arches were the most stable shapes when it came to building. i giggled quietly as i drew a heart around mine and Mark's initials. I then Felt a soft poke on my shoulder. i looked over and saw Felix smirking. "whats so funny mr.Giggles?" he whispered. i smiled and shrugged. "oh,Nothin'..just doodling." Felix shook his head quickly writing down his notes. i did the same making sure to write around my doodle. Mark then looked down at his watch. he closed the marker setting it down."ok class that is all today. You have a few minutes before class ends so, write done the rest of the notes and then you guys can talk all you want." Mark looked at me and smiled. he motioned for me to come up as the other students started to chat with one another. "yes Mr.Fishbach." i purred his name causing him to smirk.  he then pointed to the paper in my hand. "so Mr.Mcloughlin what's that?" He mocked me and purred my name. I blushed a little he did so much better. i hid the paper behind my back biting my bottom lip.  "is that so..Hmm so i guess i'll have to see when you turn it in for a grade." I began to fiddle with the flannel i was wearing, dang it i had forgot we turn in our notes. I smiled back as the bell rung. I handed him my paper watching as he gave a soft chuckle at the doodle i did. "i guess i have to go Mr.Fishbach." i grabbed my bag leaving the class but not without out him winking at me. 

   Felix caught up with me in the hall lightly punching my shoulder."Man DO you got it for Mr.Fishbach or What!" i blushed as i opened my locker retrieving my English book."It was just him asking how i was adjusting, nothin' more ya meatball." he smirked leaning against his locker."that's not what i saw when you went up to him. OOO, you were totally biting your lip and eyeing him. You looked like you just saw him as candy." as Felix said this i imagined Mark in a bow..Oh mer God.. he was shirtless and..ooh..My faced heated up. Felix grinned widely, again punching my shoulder."YOU DO!" He laughed as i shut my locker walking to my next class. "I told you we're jus-" i was cut off as i heard a familiar voice yell. "Stop! Leave me alone!" i turned the corner and saw a rather large guy standing over a much smaller figure. I instantly recognized the green hoodie. it was cry. I handed my stuff to felix who i surprised as i furiously walked to the guy. As i got closer i saw him push cry causing him to drop his stuff. Again cry's voice called out."Come on just leave me alone!" i heard the bigger guy laugh. "why should i leave you alone, you masked mistake?" Cry mask shifted toward me and i swear he smiled as i came up behind the guy. "'Cause he asked ye." My accent coming out much stronger than i intended. the guy turned toward me and i saw him grin. "Look what we got here. A little leprechaun. What you gonna do." I looked him in the eye and with a stern voice i spoke"I'm going to ask you to leave my friend alone, or i'll ill make ye." He laughed, sounding utterly stupid. "Pfft Yeah right. How about you go find your pot of gold and leave me and maskey alone." He shoved he away. Ooh i couldn't stand being touched like that."oh i'm sorry you seemed like you have very important business.. but i don't. give.one. Fuck."i separated each word and with that i swung at the guy nailing him straight in the jaw. i could feel a crack under my knuckles. He must of been surprised cause he grabbed his jaw and howled. he fell to his knees cursing.  he then glared at me and tried to swing at me. i dodged it rising my knee to make contact with his chest. i heard him a loud groan and fall over. "yeah fucker, there's ye pot of gold." i spit on him, stepping over i looked at cry.

 Cry stood against the wall and even with the mask i knew he was stunned."Whoa. remind me,my dear jack to not piss you off." i smiled helping him pick up his stuff. I heard Felix cuss and come running up behind me"Oj! jävla helvete det var häftigt" Cry looked at him for a minute before responding back in Swedish"felix antar jag? du vän Jack?" i looked at them confused as Felix smiled like a idiot."Dude you speak swedish?" wow... wow Felix so easily amused but good intentions. Cry nodded as i handed him his papers that had dropped. "yes i do, salutations i'm Cry." he reacheed out shaking Felix's hand. Felix looked at me and grinned. "dude that was so fucking cool! man i could never stand up to Trevor like that!" i smile as we began to walk away from the groaning bully. "it was nothing i just didn't Cry to get hurt ya know?" Cry sighed looking up at us with his poker face mask. "God Damnit jack that's the second time you saved me. I mean how how can i repay you.'' i thought for a moment then i remembered what had happened in the locker room he had saw what happened. i leaned down to him and whispered"hey what you saw in the locker room if you could keep it between you me and mark please." Cry nodded. "i had already planned to but as you wished." Felix looked at me suspiciously but he smiled and shook his head."jack you will always be that thing over the rainbow that people wonder about." i smiled at his reference. It was nice having friends. 

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