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Marks POV

After being interrupted by Felix in the lake, wade and Tyler  got back. they found us in the lake splashing around and just swimming,so of course they joined us. we were now playing Marco-polo and cry was it.

"MARCO!" wade giggled next to me, i pushed his arm he mumbled ow but stayed quiet."Polo!" jack yelled on the other side of cry. cry turned starting to make his through the water to jack. Jack giggled swimming away."MARCO!" that was my Que.

"POLO!" cry turned back toward us and came swimming. I chuckled pushing wade toward him and swam away. I heard wade yelp but laugh barley avoiding cry as he swam by.  Felix giggled following cry as he swam around aimlessly.cry stopped going quiet,Felix froze behind him.  I saw Jack told a hand over his mouth to keep from giggling."MARCO!"  Felix took a  big risk and yelled "POLO!" Cry turned around grabbing Felix who yelped but laughed.
I could swear I saw cry smile widely.
We played a couple more rounds of Marco-polo, I dunking Wade several times. We now had decided it was getting late and it was time to head back to the camp. I took a seat close to the fire warming up,waiting for the others to finish changing into dry clothes. I heard a muffle shuffle behind me and I turned seeing Jack stumble out of our tent. I smiled as he came over to me.

"Mark I'm cold."I gestured to the fire, he shook his head smiling."nuuu..the fire won't do I need like a snuggle buddy."I smiled opening my arms up, Jack happily sat on my lap,I wrapped my arms around him resting my chin on his shoulder. He warmed up  close to me. I smiled kissing his cheek. Wade soon popped out, chuckling as he took a seat across of us in front of the fire. I smiled holding Jack close. Felix and cry joined us next Felix sporting a bright pink shirt that read Mr.Fabulous. every was happy and dry by the fire except for Tyler.

"Where's Tyler?"Wade turned to the dark blue tent next to his green one."Tyler!what's holding you up?"shuffling and and mumbling was heard before he spoke."I'm getting s'more stuff. Unless u guys just want hot dogs?" I felt Jack perk up at the word if s'mores.

"I want some fookin s'mores!" I chuckled. Tyler popped out of the tent a bag of marshmallows in his mouth, chocolate and Graham crackers in his hands. The others hoop and yayed as Tyler came out with the s'more stuff. Felix popped up looking confused.

"Wait what are we roasting dez mellows with?" Cry popped up heading to his tent and coming back with skewers. Felix gave him a curious look,I didn't blame him I was curious why he had them too.

"Um cry why do you have those. "I asked slightly unnerved. He shrugged passing them out."I planned to fish so I brought some so I could cook fish."I relaxed,taking the skewer from him. Tyler chuckled handing out marshmallows."mark we're you scared he was going to stab you?" I laughed."I don't know guys. Cry is a cool guy but everyone has hobbies,I mean he could murder people for fun."Felix chimed in. Cry shrugged stabbing his marshmallow.
"Meh. You're right the small,masked, shady guy could kill you."We all stopped looking at him concerned. I swear i saw him smile under that mask smugly as we all feared him,Jack then chuckled taking some chocolate and crackers from Tyler  making his s'more. I relaxed a bit taking so,e stuff for my S'more too. 

Jack POV

I ate my s'more happily snuggled up in Mark's lap. it was dark now,so everyone was close to the fire chatting and laughing. I smiled as wade went on about how Mark got drunk."so It was me and Mark at the Bar and it was my birthday,so of course Mark bought me a couple of drinks to celebrate. So at one point after Mark had his what was it? 8th shot,He thought it was a good idea to sing karaoke."I giggled at the thought of Mark singing drunkenly. Mark covered his face trying to hide his embarrassment. "Okay drunk karaoke is funny by itself but add barbie girl to that and it becomes something else!" I laughed as Wade stood up pretending to be mark."I kid you not guys Mark took the mic, smiled widely and looked at Me and said 'Waaaade,this is for yooou'. and then started to sing barbie girl, he was sooo off key." Mark chuckled shaking his head, i couldn't help but laugh,Felix was rolling on the ground laughing and Tyler held his stomach.

"I'm never going to live that down, am i Wade."Wade smiled sitting back down."nope."I sat back snuggling close to Mark,He smiled wrapping arms around me again."i can't believe you did that Mark. thats just too funny."Mark shook his head smiling."People do some weird stuff when they're drunk."Wade nodded chuckling a little. Tyler pulled his phone out and yawned.

"Well guys i don't know about you, but I'm off to bed."With that he stood up and disappeared into his tent. I couldn't help but yawn too. Mark patted my knee and spoke."Yeah i think we should get some sleep if we want to get up early."I stood up and Mark and I went off to our tent.Once inside i stripped to my boxer and slipped sleepily into my sleeping bag,Mark did the same. As he settled into his bag, i faked a shiver, he smiled scooting his bag closer to mine and wrapping am arm around me. I snuggled up against his chest finding warmth with him. Mark gently kissed my Forehead as I fell asleep.


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