Drunk*hic* In love

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"Sometimes I hate every single stupid word you say,some times I want to slap you in your whole face,there's no one like quite like you,you push all my buttons down. I know life  would suck with out you.At the same time,I want to hug you, I wanna wrap my hands around your neck"~True love P!nk

Jack POV:

I walked down the hall in Mark's Flannel and jeans, the shirt was a little big but it was better than my soaking cloths And it smelt of his sweet chocolate Cholgene.Hmm...My favorite. I adjusted my bag and headed toward my locker. Cry had headed to the cafeteria to grab some breakfast and Mark had  gone to his class room to set up for first hour. I opened  my locker putting my soaked clothes away. I closed my locker and jumped as a happy Swedish smile  met him."Holy shit, Felix you scared me." He smiled more. "Sorry Jack but I couldn't help it!the best thing happened and I have to tell you! Ok when I was walking to school today, I got a text from mariza asking to meet her up at the Bubble latè coffee shop. So I go there and we chatted for a bit about school and as we were walking back she stopped me and then She KISSED ME!" He jumped up and  down like  kid on Christmas morning.I smiled it was funny seeing him so excited."wow that's great dude!And this is your guy's first kiss?" He leaned against the lockers running a Hand through his hair releasing a happy sigh."yeah our first. Oh Jack she tasted like Carmel chocolate cookies. And she looked amazing,she wore her cute little demin jacket and cute skirt. It was just like magic.... it's been a year and we finally kissed."he slid down the lockers in love sick daze."Jack,it's amazing to be in love. When you find your special person, you'll know and  it will just click in you. It's.....just like a cookie every bite is a delight and you can never have enough cookies it's just so good..."I smiled, love is a cookie.hmm that's a new one. Then I thought to my self,Mark is like that every time i'm with him he doesn't fail to let me know he cares. I mean hell,I'm wearing his clothes! I had to thank him. "Hey Felix,I got to go do something so see ya later lad. See ya first hour!" I waved him bye and he smiled and waved back.

I walked down the hall toward classroom 142,Marks tech class. I had stopped at the cafeteria and got him some coffee. I peeked in the window of door and saw him run a hand through his hair as he graded papers and planed out lessons. His glasses on the tip of his nose giving him such a sassy look. I quietly opened the door trying not to be noticed.results; success. He hadn't noticed I entered yet he turned a paper continuing to write whatever he was.  I gently placed the cup on the desk,he smiled looking up from the papers on his desk."And what do we have here? A Mr. McLoughlin bringing his oh so favorite teacher a warm beverage?" I blushed a little,the way he rolled my last name  off his tongue made me flutter."yes, I have brought you a coffee. Since its raining and chilly outside why not something warm?" He leaned back taking the coffee to his lips and drinking it. pulling away quickly,He Fanned his tongue  holding the cup away. I held back a laugh a bit then it escaped."its hot ya goof!" He put the coffee down and stood up making his way to me."I believe you get a detention for trying to kill me...with such hot coffee.."Mark stood in front of me,holding a look of mischief and enjoyment."oh no, not a detention... when do I serve it Mr.Fishbach.." I said playfully. He grinned showing that heart melting smile of his." I believe now,in the 30 minutes we have before first hour would be... just....fine..."

**SMUT WARNING XD**(skip if you don't want to know)

he walked over to the Windows closing the blinds and locking the door. He covered the door window with a paper and made his way back to me behind his desk. he leaned  forward pushing his lips onto mine,kissing me gently. I kissed back, he nibbled my lip. I bit back a moan as he ran a hand up and down my back. He pushed papers  aside and sat me on his desk, working his way down my neck until he found a place I was most vulnerable. I held back a moan as he nibbled but he bit harder and I couldn't hold back.  I let it out and he smiled satisfied, and ran a strong hand through my hair, and down my chest to the first button on the shirt,slowly unbuttoning it. A chill ran down my spine as the cool class air hit my bare chest. Mark took a hand and traced a hand down my chest. I fluttered at his touch and tugged at the bottom of his shirt. He smirked,pulling it off. I awed at his muscles,he was a very fit man,it aroused me...he noticed me and smiled."you like what you see.."he opened my legs and fiddled with my jeans. I couldn't help but be excited as he undid my zipper pulling me out. He smiled and got on his knees. He kissed my top teasingly,I moaned slightly. And then he slide his mouth out over me, slowly bobbing his head. I ran a Hand  through his hair as he bobbed, taking me in. I let out a moan as he got faster."Ma..Mark...*moan* i'm ...I'm going to....aww..." he removed his mouth slowly teasing me and leaving his saliva, he then gripped me with his strong hand moving up and  down slowly."don't worry jack I know..." he moved faster,and I released a loud moan."Mark!.....*moan* mar..." I gripped his hair feeling it softness run through my fingers."I'm so close...."I leaned back a bit as I came. He smiled reaching into the top drawer of his desk  getting out a tissue and cleaned me up. He stood up facing me and kissed me and I was  little red."its okay, it won't be the last time" he winked at me. I blushed, and he kissed me passionately Biting my lip gently,  he leaned over me. I moved a hand down his chest toward his jeans lining I unbuttoned it and snaked my hand in them. He moaned as my Hand met him."j-jack, your...hand is*moan* cold..." I felt his hot breath on my neck as he released a moan as I move  my Hand down and up. He breathed heavy in my ear as I moved faster. "I'm about to..." I felt as he released on to my hand. I smiled taking a tissue,"as you said..it won't be the last time..." 


Mark POV:

Jack finished buttoning his shirt as I uncovered the door window and unlock the door. I turned around to see Jack having trouble with the flannel, he couldn't seem to get the top 2 buttoned. I chuckled walking toward him."Jack do you need help? You know it would work if guess the right button." He sighed and allowed me to help. "You know before my 'detention' I came in here to thank you for these clothes and past days,you have really helped. So Thank you." I smiled jack was cute when he got serious and in my flannel shirt."I'm just doing what i'm here for, to make sure your ok." He smiled and hugged me as I finished fixing his last button."hey if you want jack, I could take those clothes to my house and clean them and you could come get them it wouldn't be a problem at all." He thought for  moment then shook his head."no, your already done so much so I'll do it." I shrugged and took a seat at my desk,straightening the papers we had scattered across it. I grabbed my coffee taking a sip in case it was still hot,but it was cooler now."how's your coffee? Better since its not hot." I smiled and nodded. I placed the cup down and stretched, jack laughed.I gave  curious look and  he giggled more. "What are giggling about." I asked poking his chest."you have coffee on your nose somehow. Here let me  get it Mark." Jack leaned forward kissing my nose gently."there better." I smiled and pecked his lips,he licked his lips smiling,"hmm you taste like coffee and smell like dark chocolate!" I smiled and leaned back." I do it just for you." He blushed slightly,aah it was cute when jack blushed. So cute.

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