All The Fluff

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"And i want you to know i cant do it alone. Hold my hand,my hand my hand..."~hold my hand the Fray

Mark's POV

My eyes opened slowly,I took a deep breath and was greeted by the smell of coconut beach? i looked down and i saw a jack curled up on my chest fast asleep. i smiled, gently placing a kiss on his head. he nuzzled my chest softly but stayed asleep. i felt a smile touch my lips as i watched his chest softly rise and fall. he was utterly adorable, with his little drool on the corner of his mouth, the way he gently held onto my shirt. i then felt something vibrate in my pocket. I gently reached into my pocket careful not to awake the sleeping jack. i pull out my phone seeing the message flash across the screen.

WADE: yo markimoooo you wanna haaang outt?

i smiled wade was such a goof sometimes. i thought about hanging out but then i saw jack curled up with me and thought otherwise. i locked my phone putting it on the coffee table,but not before i dropped it on jack by accident. i froze as my phone landed on jacks shoulder making him give a soft whimper then a small yawn. Jack lifted his head slightly rubbing his sleepiness away. he looked at me with sleepy storm blue eyes. He gave an yawn sounding like a puppy. i gently kissed his nose causing his cheeks to heat up."Morning comfortable?" He blushed more realizing he was laying on me. Jack started to move but i pulled him back."Oh no..don't move, i'm warm and you moving would make me cold." he rubbed his eye again and smiled."i got to get up though....i have to go pee..."I made a pouty face as he moved off of me. i watched him leave faking a shiver as he looked back. he rolled his eyes and disappeared down the hall. i decided i should get up too. i wondered off into the kitchen and looked around. i opened the cabinet and found what i wanted.

Jack POV

i walked back into the living room where i left mark to find him gone, i furrowed my brow looking around. I then smelled something sweet, i followed the sweet aroma to the kitchen. hmm it smelt just like when ma makes cookies. i popped my head in the kitchen and saw a tall  shirt and pant-less man standing in front of the stove where the wonderful sent was coming from. i smiled coming up behind him. i had to stand up on my tippy toes to look over his shoulder even though we where about the same height. i saw him flip a pancake and i mentally squealed. i fucking love pancakes! I then hugged mark from behind. i could feel him tense up."Jesus Christ!" i kissed the back of his neck and whispered in his ear "i prefer jack" i felt him relax and i felt his chest rumble as he chuckled. "you're hands are freezing what are you? Elsa?" i laughed letting him go and twirled. "YES! I AM ELSA! LEET IT GOO! LET IT GOOO!" i laughed again almost slipping on the tile for my socks had absolutely had no grip. Mark shook his head as he placed some pancakes on a plate for me. "Okay Elsa, take a seat and have some pancakes." i clapped my hands happily and sat down and began to much contently on them. Mark then sat down with his own plate  of yummy pancakes.  i quickly finished off mine before looking over at Mark who struggled to keep syrup off of himself. i bit my lip as i watched syrup slowly slide down his bare chest. i heard him groan, and use his finger to stop the syrup. It took all my will power to not go over to him and lick it off his chest. i quickly stood up with my plate to avoid pouncing on him. i walked out of the room and i saw he was a little confused

Mark POV

i watched as jack quickly left the kitchen. i was alittle confused and concerned. did he not like my pancakes? or what.. i finished up my pancakes and cleaned up my plate, i then walked into the living room hoping to find jack and sure enough he was curled up under all the blankets from the back of the couch. he had his face covered but i could hear him mumbling to himself. i slowly came over and i gently sat on the couch next to him. i gently poked the blanket."what are you doing you blanket burrito?" i saw the blanket slightly move."....trying to turn invisible.." i chuckled seeing how childish he was being. i scooted closer and pulled up a small part of the blanket and sticking my head in. i saw jack's hands covering his face. i chuckled again."why are you trying to turn invisible? if you did that i dont think i could find you.." he peeked through his hands and i could see his cheeks were dusted a light pink. i smiled coming closer to him until our faces were inches apart. i gently moved his hand away from his face, he did nothing to stop me. i glanced down at his lips and looked back at his eyes. i could feel his soft breath on my cheeks..and in one swift motion i kissed him, at first i surprised,but then he fell into the kiss. and there we were ...under a blanket making out heh like some cheesy fanfic that a fangirl had thought of,but this was very real. i entangled my fingers with jack's. i felt him smile through the kiss, i pulled away from him and i looked into those strom blue eyes. i swear i could jump into them and swim in them all day.."...Mark....I love you..."i smiled and kissed him again. " i love you too....sean.."

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