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Mark Pov

"...Jack...." I softly breathed out, my eyes fighting to open slowly adjusting to the bright lighting around me. My eyes slowly scanning my surrounding,  finding a white paneled ceiling with bright florescent blinding me. I squinted rolling my head to the side seeing machines, one monitoring my heart beeping faintly as a line spiked up and down. I saw the IV bag hanging next to me tubes running into my arm, i slightly lifted my finger seeing the heart monitor hooked up to my finger. i breathed softly into the breathing mask that covered my mask, taking each breath slowly and ease, i rolled my head the other way slowly so not to hurt myself. A small table with abundance of flowers and balloons sat next to me. My eyes scanning over some of the visible cards, they all expressed forms of get well and love you. i began to move my hand to grab a small teddy bear that sat closest when a soft sobbing caught my attention.My eyes fell upon a man maybe in his early twenties,his face covered with his hands,His hair was messy and unkept like he hadn't showered in days, and his arm was covered in a bandage from his writs to his elbow. Next to him a small bag sat next to him ,clothes spilling out of the the unzipped opening. My gaze again wondered back to the sobbing man and i noticed his hair color, I was a soft green.I didn't recognize it,but i felt like i knew who it was. The man rubbed his face looking up and out the window. My heart swelled as i flood of memories hit me as i recognized the sobbing mess, but he was much older than i remembered. Now he had more stubble than i last saw him, But his eyes were still same storm blue i had fallen in love with.. When he whispered to himself his voice was deeper, but his Irish voice still soft as ever. I took a soft breath and tried to speak, but it only came out as a soft whisper.The man continued to stare out the window, muttering something about it being his fault. I took another breath and took the mask .I then tried to speak as loud as i could.

"..Jack.."The man stopped his head slowly turning, as he looked over, i could see his eyes were red and puffy from crying, tears ran down his cheeks as he looked at me.I tried to give weak smile,as his eyes began to well up with tears as he stood. He stumble over toward me, his hands covers his mouth, as he looked at me, disbelieving what he saw.Dropping to his knees he reached over me and hugged me laying his head on my chest.He sobbed heavily as i slowly picked up my hand placing it on his back.

"..O-Oh my god...Mark you're awake.... they said..oh my god.."Again he sobbed into my chest. I felt my heart ache at the sight of him in this state, just torn emotionally and physically as i could now see he has bandages on his other hand too. He looked up at me his eyes, his storm blue eyes, so full of pain and relief at the same time, and in a hushed whispers he spoke.

"Mark...I missed you so much...I'm so sorry.."I looked at him, slowly touching his face in a caring manner.

"..Jack it's Okay...You don't have to apologize.."He shook his head sobbing again.

"No..I have to, you're here because i was being so childish, and i caused the wreck causing you to be in a coma for four months! I have to apologize..."I looked down at him, my heart pounding. No, that couldn't be?

"What happened...?"Jack looked at me his eyes looked so heart broken.He sat up sitting on the bed next to me, he grabbed my hand lacing our fingers together as he looked away gather his thoughts.

"...Okay..I'll start from the beginning.."He took a shakey breath as he recalled what happened ."It was storming pretty hard and you wanted to go home, so You and I were on our way back to the house, when you said something, i don't remember what it was but, it made me mad.  i got really pissed cause you wouldn't fix what you said so i went off. I started to yell at you,and i was overreacting over this little think you said. you tried to calm me down and focus on the road at the same time,but it wasn't good..Then i hit you"Jack teared up as he remembered the moment, like it had just happened moments ago. He licked his lips and continued."It  distracted you from the road,and you lost traction on the road due to the rain, and we slid across the road and rolled off the side into a ditch,where we continued to roll. We landed upside down, the impact had slammed you against the steering wheel knocking you out instantly. I manged to get out and pull you out, but you didn't respond."He wiped the tears away sniffing.

"The rushed you to the ER, and they said the impact had been strong enough to knock you into unconscious and you had suffered, a head tram, but you would be fine.At first they said you would wake up in a couple days.But then something went  wrong and you slipped into a coma,They said you wouldn't wake up.Your family came in dropping you off flowers and cards and checking on you, but i felt so guilty that i asked my brother to watch my house in Ireland so i could stay here with you till you woke up.."I looked down taking it all in, slowly coming to the conclusion that the life i believed i had been living for the last Year, as his teacher he had fallen for, was just a hallucinatory dream i was having while in coma.. the life i believed that jack need me more than ever, when in fact i really need him cause he showed me no matter how much pain someone was in, There was always someone there with a helping hand....So i wasn't his tech teacher, I was just really a guy who did YouTube for the sake of peoples entertainment,who fallen in love with my best friend.I looked up at jack who waited for me to speak. i smiled and pulled his hand to my lips and kissed it softly.

" nothing to apologize for..I don't care about that, i just care that you stayed by my side the whole time with out a second thought.." Jack closed his eyes tears running down his cheek. He then leaned down and kissed my lips softly,and hugged me. I hugged him back, and whispered softly in his ear.

"I love you so much..."Jack buried his head in my shoulder and whispered back.
"I love you too...."

That is officially the end of Forbidden, and I would like to thank you guys for enjoying this story so much, I know it's cheesy and fast sometimes but I'm happy you guys really enjoyed it. But since you guys are done with this I want to say I have another one in works, called Love of sins,and if you guys want you can read that but it's fine if you don't.
Thank you again!
~love Wafflexfoxy

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