Chapter Twenty-Eight

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I'll pick you up at lunch later.

It wasn't a request. It wasn't a question either. I pouted. Will it hurt him to ask and pretend that I have a choice in it?

That's Grant De la Fuente for you. The very personification of cold itself. He's like the male tsundere protagonist from a popular anime.

I frowned, remembering the mental anguish that I experienced for the past few days because of him. Alam ko na may kasalanan rin naman ako. Ako ang nag conclude ng mga bagay na makakasakit sa akin. But... I feel like it'd be stupid if I'll just forget everything that happened and happily jump into his arms.

Naalala ko ang sinabi ni Grant kagabi sa akin. Hindi ko mapigilan ang muling pag-init ng buong mukha ko habang iniisip ang nangyari.

He's in love with me. He fell in love with me... No, he crashed. That's what he said. I remember everything he told me word for word. And he's right. I can't believe it.

He loves me. He loves me. He loves me.

He was right. It was all too fast. I can't wrap my head around it. Maybe I secretly wished that he'd fall for me. I just didn't... It was too early.

Halos hindi ako nakatulog kagabi sa kakaisip ng kung anu-ano. Paulit-ulit sa utak ko ang mga salitang binitawan niya sa akin. A part of me... A huge part of me was scared. I couldn't help myself from feeling that.

I've seen the way he looked at Maxwell. His first love. The only girl he'd ever really loved. Until me.

I've seen the pain and adoration in his eyes when he looked at her. A love that lasted for years... Can it really fade after a few months? That's impossible. Imposible na mawala na lang iyon agad nang ganon-ganon lang.

I know I've always been reckless. I love flying freely into the unknown. But with him? It won't be just flying. I'd be falling. One look and I know I won't survive that fall. I won't survive him.

I need to be careful. I'm not going to dismiss the idea but I need to see if he really does feel something for me. My eyes dropped to the silver bracelet clasped on my wrist. I need time.

Kakain ako kasama sila Noelle. It's our lunch-together day.

That's not an excuse. I'm not ignoring him. There's really no need for that. Ngayon talaga ang araw na magkakasabay ang vacant namin.

His reply was quick.

I'll come with, then.

I didn't bother arguing with him. I know he'll just keep on insisting. Kapag hindi ako pumayag ay pupunta pa rin siya. He'll find a way. I'm sure. He always does.

I patiently waited for lunch to come. I was holding my breath when the speaker inside the room rang and the professor finally dismissed the classes. May itinuro ba siya? Walang pumasok sa utak ko.

Inaasahan ko naman na naghihintay siya sa labas pero hindi ko mapigilan ang mapasinghap sa pagkakita sa kanya. He's by the wall across the door, standing with his attractively stoic expression.

I could easily see him in a room full of people. He looked classy and manly wearing the white long sleeves button down shirt that hugged his well-built body. He folded the sleeves up to his elbows, making it look even more strained in his thick arms. I could see his black belt because his shirt was tucked in his black fitted pants.

He looked handsome and very manly─the male students around him were out of his league, and it's not just because he's dressed differently. The girls who were passing by would agree with me. Their eyes stuck with him as they passed by. May isa pa na nakita kong halos mangisay at malakas na sinabing gwapo.

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