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If you're planning to read Mean series, read it first before this one. You've been warned.

I sat quietly, watching the board members argue endlessly. My lips were pursed into thin line as I looked at them with disinterest. I lazily leaned my back against the chair and raised my hand to my mouth to trace my lip with my finger.

Every month, the company schedules a meeting for the board members and those meeting would always be similar to a battle field. I'm used to it. I've diverted all of my attention to work for years that I've gotten immune to powerful and wealthy men raising their voices and spewing their takes about the subject.

"I'm telling you, this is going to be monumental for this company. We'll be known not only on selected countries abroad but worldwide. I can already visualize the new market that we'd be having. The skyrocket of sales!" Mr. Sandoval exclaimed.

My head turned to my father's direction who's sitting across the table. His face was filled with recognition. I could already tell that my father agrees to what Mr. Sandoval said.

Tumaas ang isang kilay ko. I can see his point but his arrogance pisses me off. "You're saying this company can't attain that on its own?"

He gave me a hearty laugh and followed it with a taunting smirk. "Don't put words into my mouth. I believe that this company is independent. We can grow and be known internationally on our own, but that would take... years. Baka hindi ko na maabutan iyon." he laughed again.

"Years? Do I need to make a slideshow for all the expansions that we've had in several countries over the span of two years? Or are you implementing that you'd be dying soon?" the smug look on his face dropped.

"Grant," I heard my father call my name with his clipped voice. My jaw clenched. I know I should stop now. I've made my point. I balled my hands into tight fist and chose not to say anything further.

"Rush, what do you think?" dagdag ni Dad para baguhin na ang topic at hindi pa mahaba ang naganap na mainit na usapan.

Sabay-sabay kaming napatingin kay Rush na ang mga mata ay nasa screen ng kanyang phone. Saglit na napangiti ito habang may pinipindot bago inangat ang tingin sa amin na nag-aabang ng isasagot niya. His smile dropped within a second and removed any hint of emotion on his face.

"Give me the pros and cons next meeting, make sure you can support each statement and then we'll vote. I'll ask my assistant to arrange the meeting and forward it to you. Meeting adjourned." tumayo si Rush mula sa kinauupuan. Ibinutones niya ang suit at nagmamadaling lumakad paalis ng meeting room.

My eyes looked for the reason why my cousin is in a hurry and I immediately spotted her through the glass wall. I froze on my seat, staring at her from where I was. A sweet and genuine smile was curved on her soft and pink lips. The same smile that was once for me.

The same lips that I once kissed and tasted.

I couldn't find it in me to look away. I couldn't move. I was stuck. I allowed myself to watch as they met half way. Rush pulled her for a hug. She slipped her arms around his waist. I knew what was going to happen next. I've seen it so many times and yet it still affects me the same. I looked down and avoided the visual that I didn't need.

I counted to ten before looking at them again. An entranced look can be seen on her face, the same goes to my cousin who's without a doubt enchanted by her.

The same way she enchanted me.

A familiar pain crept inside my chest. My jaw clenched at the continuous ache that was pinching my heart. I've tried so hard to move on from this girl. The girl who'd manage to tame my heart. The girl that I've taken for granted. The girl who loved me. Maxwell Yñarez.

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