Chapter Eighteen

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"Please wait."

Hindi matanggal sa utak ko ang nangyari nung gabing iyon. The words that he whispered in my ears were playing in my mind on constant repeat. His pleading voice haunted me even in my dreams.

His hug burned against my sin, making sure that I would always remember the way he held me. Like I was his anchor. Like he would end up sinking once he lets me go.

I would never forget every single second of that moment. How could I when my whole world dramatically shifted after that night?

The past six days, he started to make time for me. He was trying hard to be subtle about it, saying that he's already done with his paper works but I knew better. Iyon nga lang ay hindi ko na lang pinansin dahil baka kapag inasar ko siya ay biglang magbago ang isip niya at bumalik sa dati.

Kung dati ay ako ang nag-eeffort para ayain siyang mag lunch tuwing vacant ko o di kaya ay pumunta kung saan, ngayon ay nagkukusa na rin siya. At sa tuwing gagawin naman niya iyon ay hindi ko mapigilan ang pag ngiti.

I knew what he meant when he asked me to wait. He was trying, and that's more than enough for me. I was never the patient one, but some things are worth the wait.

And it's not like I can blame Grant for loving someone, especially not when he loved her first. Just like how he can't blame me for liking him.

My friends are warming up to him too. Sumasama rin kasi si Grant minsan tuwing kasama ko ang mga kaibigan ko kapag vacant. They have already accepted him as my plus one. They're used to having him around. Nung isang araw nga na hindi ko siya kasama ay hinanap pa nila kung nasaan.

My ringing phone disturbed me from a dream that was quickly forgotten. I squinted my eyes with a huge frown. The bright sun was peeking through the windows. I could already tell that it was earlier than my usual wake up time.

Inabot ko ang phone mula sa ibabaw ng bedside table. My sleepy state completely dissipated when I saw Grant's name flashing on the screen.

I cleared my throat then practiced my hello before answering the phone. "Grant?"

"Hey, did I wake you?" his deep voice tickled my ear. I closed my eyes and imagined him with his lips pressed at the side of my head as he talks.

"Yes, but it's okay. Washup?" a yawn from my mouth at the end of my sentence. My eyes opened wide and I slapped my hand over my lips but I know it was too late. I grimaced, my face was already scrunching at my failure when I heard him chuckle shortly from the other line.

My embarrassment disappeared. I was too stunned to think of anything else but the brief sound that he produced.

"Do you have any plans this morning?" his question immediately caught my attention.

I didn't bother hiding the smile that was creeping on my face. "Wala naman. Why?"

"I'll be playing ball with my friends. Then I'll take you to breakfast after. Wanna come?"

Kahit na alam ko na ang isasagot sa kanya ay hindi ako agad sumagot. I took my time, pretending to be thinking about it. Ayaw ko naman masyadong mag mukhang galak na galak sa pag-aya niya.

"Sige. I'll meet you–"

"No." mabilis na pagputol niya sa akin. "I'll come get you in thirty."

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