Karmas A Bitch Part.2

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Madea's POV

"Did I not tell you that if you messed with my nephew agin that I'd have to kill you?" I asked the sick bastard sitting in front of me.

"Now that I think of it, no, no you didn't tell me that." He responded smartly with a smirk.

I chuckled lightly to myself. "It's good to know that you think this shit is funny."

I walked to the board that was on the wall looking for my knife, when I found it I plastered a wicked evil smirk on my face. Shit was about to get really scary.

***WARNING you guys now, I'm about to get really crazy with this. Its about to turn into some supernatural shiz nit, so if you get freaked out, I'm not held accountable for it . YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! SERIOUSLY!🙈😈***

"So Rayan, you like to cut people huh. Make them feel pain, rape them, beat them, almost anything right?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, why the fuck you wanna know?" He asked bitterly.

Oh my god, this boy was stupid than Spongebob and Patrick, and they weren't even this stupid. I chuckled darkly to myself, walking over in front of the mutt. I held the knife to his throat sliding it against his skin, loving the piercing scream I got from him.

"What the fuck is your problem lady?!?!?" He yelled holding his now bloody throat.

"My problem is I warned you, I warned you about this but still you wanna fuck over me and my nephew. I can care less about going to jail, but I do care about my nephew. And now your going to die, slowly. Feeling every bit of pain that I inflict on you." I spat coldly.

I placed the blooded knife on his thigh cutting him through his jeans, watching as the blood almost immediately soaked that spot. Than I slid it down his right arm watching his skin split, with blood oozing out like a waterfall.

"Aahh!" He screamed in agony, but I could care less.

I walked over to the table grabbing a bottle of acid. Brand new and ready to be put in good use of harm. I walked back over to him smiling wickedly at him.

"W-What are you doing with t-that?" He asked shakily, fear dripping from every word he spoke.

"Oh nothing." I said innocently. But everyone knows my words don't come out innocent.

I open the acid bottle pouring it on the cuts except his neck, watching as it bubbled on his skin. I wanted him to feel it, everything.


"Oh no honey, the pain and torture has just begun." I smirked. If he thought that apologizing was going to work, he better think agin.

I stabbed the knife into his left leg twisting it and pulling it out as quick as I stabbed it in there. Hearing him yell, than pouring acid into that wound watching the color of the blood blend with acid making a orangey red color.



Are you guys freaked out? I warned you not to read it, but you did any way. So what do you think Madea should do to Ray? Let him go or kill him. Let me know in the comments.

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