He's Killing Me With His Sexiness**

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Chresanto's POV

I decided that I wasn't going to take Jacob home tonight. He was drunk and it was 2 something in the morning. I didn't want Madea and them to have to deal with his loud talking. So I drove to my house.

"Jacob...Jacob...Jacoobb." I cooed, shaking his shoulders lightly. He only answered me with a groan.

I carefully slipped my hands under his body, lifting him up in my arms holding him bridal style. He looked really adorable in my arms, his cute baby face glowing in the moon light. As I walked to the front door Jacob stirred a little in my arms nuzzling his head in the crook if my neck.

As swiftly as I could, I unlocked the front door walking up to the guest room. I layed Jacob on the bed slipping his jacket off, along with his shoes. I pulled the covers over his sleeping body, watching as he stirred a bit in his sleep.

I just sat there for a while admiring his face. I ran my hand along his smooth skin, loving the tingles I got when I touched him. Someday I imagine us being married and having little mini Chres and Jacobs running around. I-I think I'm falling in love with this cutie.

He is really special. For the time that I have spent with him he has been a real sweet heart. Even though I've only gone out with him twice, I think I may be falling for him. He's one of gods angels sent from heaven.

I softly kissed his forhead, heading off to my room them putting my pajamas on, then going to bed.

:*Next Morningღ:*

Jacob's POV

How many drinks did I have last night? I groaned as I sat up, my head hurting like a bitch. Last time I checked I wasn't the one driving home......

"This is not my room." I said looking at my surroundings. The walls where a smooth creamy color with nice black dressers that had marble surfaces. The the covers on the bed were a black color with a silver design. The room itself smelled like Cinnamon Apple making everything so relaxing.

*Knock Knock*

"Come in." I said groggily rubbing my temples.

"Morning beautiful." Chres said huskily. He handed me a glass of water and an Advil. I put the pill on my tongue and drank the water chugging it down.

"Thanks." I said looking up at him. Even in sweat pants and a T-shirt he looked sexy. I swear he could be a undercover model for all I knew.

"You hungry?" He asked me.

"Yeah, actually." I said. My stomach growled loudly agreeing with me.

"You wanna change out of your clothes?" He asked me. "I'll wash them for you and give you something else to put on." He told me.

"Yeah, that'd be fine. Can I use your shower to?" I asked him. I really wanted to wash my body, it smelt like liquor and smoke.

"Yeah, sure you can. It's the door on the right next to the guest room across from mines." He said giving me a wash cloth and a dry towel.

"Thanks." I said appreciatively.

"Your welcome." He said wrapping his hands around my waist, leaning in.

"Hold up." I said putting my hand in his face.

"What?" He asked looking confused.

"I have morning breath which is disgusting. Its probably mixed with the alcohol that I had last night to.I'm not kissing you" I told him. He gave me a pouty face.

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