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Jacob's POV

I was cut off by Chres smashing his lips onto mines. He grabbed my hand, and put it around his hard member making me jerk him off. While I did that I kissed on and down his neck going down his whole upper body.

I flipped us over and straddled him, grinding hard on him.

"Okay then, it's my turn to have control." Told him seductively. A

big smile grew on his face, but was soon replaced by a beautiful sex

face as I licked and nibbled on his earlobe and rubbed our hard dicks

together causing me to get more sexually frustrated by the minute.

"Oh papi.. please just fuck me already, I can't take this teasing any longer!" He begged underneath me. I smirked and kissed his plump lips.

"But I wanna see more of your beautiful pleasure faces... it turns me on." I said seductively. Before he could answer I shoved my whole dick in his tight hole, that's enough teasing.. for now..

"Oh daddy... fuck me hard, I need you!" He moaned out and I started

moving my hips, slowly drilling into my beautiful papi. I grunted as I

rotated my hips and gave him one good hard thrust, then I pulled out

and teased his treasuring hole with my tip.

"Mmm.. please.." He whimpered.

"I want you to beg for it." I told him and pushed myself in slowly but

pulled right back out. He gave me a look of annoyance and flipped us

over. He slid down on my dick and started riding me.

"Oh shit baby!" I groaned and held onto his hips making him go faster.

He moaned and pulled my hands off.

"I want you to beg for it papi." He told me seductively and slowed

down the pace he was going. This boy is making me go crazy!

"Please.... go faster..." I begged a smirk came on his face and he

rolled hips hard and fast. My muscles were tightening up and my blood was rushing down to my lower region.

"No, hold it." He told me, I nodded. I thrusted my hips upward, and

held his waist to make him go faster. He bounced on my dick then leaned back grinding hard.

"Oh fuck.." I moaned out. I flipped us over again and thrusted into

him at a nice slow pace. I want this moment to last as long as


Grabbing his hard member, I stroked him slow while I was drilling into him hard and fast.

He arched his back and moaned my name. I soon had him screaming from the rooftops when I sucked on his nipples, while jerking him off, while fucking his backside.

I was trying my hardest not to let my climax come, but the more I

fucked him the harder the task was. He was trying to hold it too

because his dick twitched in my warm hand and his muscles were

tightened to max.

"Baby... I can't hold it...anymore." I told him and thrusted harder

slowing down the pace. He nodded and arched his back again.

I grabbed his legs and put one on my shoulder while holding the other tightly to my waist. Thrusting in and out of him in this position made my climax come very fast and we both cummed at the same time.

"Ahhhhhhhn..." He moaned as his cum came squirting out his slit onto our chests. I groaned loudly and cummed inside him, riding out my climax I collapsed on top of my lover and gave him the most passionate kiss a man could give.

"I love you so much, bad boy" I told him, laying my head on his bare chest.

"I love you too." He replied and we fell asleep in this position. I

love my baby boy so much, I never EVER want to lose this love I have. This was the best gift I have ever given him.


All credit goes to this wonderful person right here »» Prodsfuture143 THIS WAS SO TOTALY WICKED! LIKE I DONT THINK I CAN WRITE SOMETHING THIS GOOD! I'm happy that my story is one of your favorites.😁😁😄

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