I'll Take Care Of You part.1

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SONG OF THE DAY; Chris Brown- I Love You
Chresanto's POV

"Baby." I whispered softly against his lips peaking them sweetly.

"Hm." He replied with his eyes still closed.

"Time to get up so we can go home." I said trailing kisses down his neck to his shoulder.

"Okay, I'll go get dressed." He said sleepily, getting up and stretching.

"Want me to dress you? I would love to see my baby's glorious delicious skin." I said with a mischievously smirk on my face, while wrapping my arms around his waist.

"Baby I can do it." He said chuckling lightly. "And plus we don't want to start something that your not ready to handle." He said seductively.

"Don't tempt me babe, because I'll have you screaming for me to go deeper...deeper...and deeper into that small tight whole of yours." I whispered seductively, trailing my hands down his sides towards his v line.

"Baby why do you do that to me?" He asked me breathlessly with his hands on top of mines.

"Do what babe?" I asked huskily.

"Make me want you when you touch me or whisper sexy seductive things in my ear." He said his voice coming out horsed, as I touched his skin.

"Because I can make your body feel things that no one can. When I trail my hands down here..." I trailed off moving my hands down towards his back gripping his a**, pulling his lower half closer to mines. " and when I suck and bite your bottom lip, slipping my tongue in your sweet mouth exploring you. It drives you crazy doesn't it?" I whispered in his ear, acting out everything that I said.

"Yesss...I want you to touch me every where." He whispered.

Jacob's POV

"Where do you want me to touch you baby?" He whispered back, walking us into the corner of the wall.

"Righhtt...here." I whispered breathlessly trailing his hand down towards my harden member.

"Mmm right here huh. Want me to put my hot warm mouth down there, swirl my sweet tongue around your shaft licking you up and down, sucking and scrapping my teeth on your sweet sensitive skin." He slid his hands up my gown grabbing me in his hands.

I took in a sharp breath as he slowly started to pump, his thumb pressing down on my tip. He licked my neck slowly making my skin tingle. I laid my head back on his shoulder letting his hands roam me.

After our mini heated session I got my clothes on, brushing my teeth with a new tooth brush that wasn't open, then combing my hair. While I did that Chresanto went to go sign me out so we could leave.

"Sir, you have to be wheeled out of the hospital....rule policy." The nurse said shrugging her shoulders.

"Can't my boyfriend just carry me out, I mean isn't a wheel chair a little to much." I said making a small gesture with my pointy finger and my thumb indicating small.

"Yeah I guess, but for some people no. I would try and bend the rules for you so you wouldn't have to use it, but I don't want to get in trouble." She explained, giving me a sympathetic smile.

"That's ok. I wouldn't want you to get in trouble for bending the rules." I said smiling.

"Ok well lets go baby, because your going to be getting a whole lot of pampering from daddy." Chres cooed sitting me down in the wheel chair.

"Bye." I said waving towards the nurse as Chres wheeled me out.

I laughed lightly to myself. I probably looked like a six year old, being all friendly and waving to people I don't know. But I'm happy ass hell to get out of here and home with my baby.

"Chres." I said calling him.

"Hm." He replied looking down at me.

"What happen with Madea and Rayan?" I asked curiously. I hadn't seen her or heard about Ray after what happen.

"Well lets just say that she's taking care of him." He said with a wicked grin.

I just decided to ignore it because I surely didn't want to know what he meant by that. Knowing Madea, she was doing some crazy voo-doo ish nit.
I think it's short...so more to come (•B (^_^*)/

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