Fire We Make [EDITED]

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Jacob's POV

"Chres, can I stay with you tonight?" I asked, hopefully. I really had fun on our date, and I wanted to make it so official by spending the night with him. Wrapped in his arms.

"Of course you can papi." He replied. My cheeks heated with a rosy red, now appearing on my face. That sounded really freaky to me, he's already calling me daddy.

He laughed lightly." Baby why are you blushing?"

"You called me daddy." I said barely above a whisper.

"What's wrong? don't like it?" He asked me with a smirk on his face. Soon we pulled up into his drive way.

"N-no it not that. It just just sounded kinda freaky coming from you, since your voice is so deep." I said still blushing.

"Babe it doesn't have to be freaky, your just thinking of it in that way." He said rubbing my thigh. My heart beat started to speed up, at the heat that was coming from his hand being there.

I gulped. Just his hand being in contact with my thigh, which is really close to my 'member', had me thinking negative. Especially about what he could do to me with his big hands. Just let them roam my body, him kissing my jaw, down to my neck with his hot moist mouth sucking on my skin, while his hands rub on my inner thighs. Trailing hot lustful lick on my abs down to my V-line, pushing my pants down and.............

"Oh god." I moaned out, forgetting that I was still in the car with him. This is so fucking embarrassing!

"Mmmm papi, what's got you so hard?" He asked me, purposely brushing his hand over my exotic member.

"Chhrreess." I moaned, grabbing his wrist to stop him.

"Why don't you let me please you baby. You seem so tense." He whispered in my ear, while his hands slid softly from my cheek, to my neck down to my chest. This wasn't helping at all.

"Chres." I wined. My body can't handle this, I want him so bad. But I'm not ready yet...I think. And my erotic member is starting to hurt.

"Don't wine like that baby, it makes daddy wanna do so much to you. I wanna hear you scream my name, while I rock that body for you." He whispered seductively in my ear, while he rubbed me.

"Chres baby." I sighed out trying to hold back a moan.

"Yes babydoll." He cooed to me.

"Please s-stop." I said breathlessly. It felt so good, but my body couldn't handle the pleasure that he was giving to me.

"You sure about that? It's seems like your really enjoying this." He said.

"Yes." I moaned. "I just wanna take a shower." I told him.

"Ok, but when I get that body of yours..I'm going to make love to you all night and day." He said to me, brushing his plumped lips against mines.

"Ok." I said still trying to catch my breath. I rushed out of the car, with fresh cool air hitting me like a drug. Damn, it was really getting steamy in there.

I rushed up to the front door squirming around, because of my arousal. The air that I was getting was so fantastic and refreshing, but it wasn't helping. As soon as I heard that click of the lock, and Chresanto opened up the door, I rushed pass him and into the guess room throwing off my clothes.

I went to the bathroom turning the cold water on, watching as it filled the tub. When it filled half of the tub, I stopped it, taking my boxers off and slipping into the water. At first I shuddered because of how cold it was, but than I relaxed. My whole body melted, like chocolate in my mouth, while my body relaxed my arousal going away. I sighed in content with myself.

After a couple of minutes of sitting in the tub, I washed my body lavishing it with the soft soap of Dove. After I was done washing my body, I wrapped myself up in a towel, walking into the guess room. I pulled out a pair of sweatpants and a plan gray t-shirt, with ankle socks.

Once I was done getting dressed, I walked out over to Chres's room. He laid there under the sheets, watching 'White Chicks'. I walked over to bed, slipping into the sheets with him wrapping my arms around his torso, cuddling into the crook of his neck.

"Feel better baby." He asked me, smirking at the Tv.

I blushed. "Umm yeah."

He chuckled, wrapping his arms around me with his head on top of mines, snuggling into me.

"I love you princess." He whispered. The lights where now off, and the only light we had was coming from the television.

"I love you to." I whispered back. I tangled my legs with his wanting to be closer, while he tightened his grip.


ღ:*Next Morningღ:*

I felt soft warm kisses being trailed from my neck, up to my jaw to the side of my lips. My eyes fluttered open. Chres was starring right at me, holding his head up with his elbow laying on the bed. He smiled at me, while I mirrored the same expression.

"Morning." He said grinning at me.

"Morning babe." I said groggily laying my head on his sculpted bare chest.

He pouted, grabbing my attention. "Where's my morning kiss?" He huffed.

"Baby I have m-" he cut me off with another pout.

"I don't care, I just want my kiss." He said crossing his arms and making a pouty face.

I laughed lightly to myself, because of how childish he was being.

I crawled into his lap straddling him, while I placed my hands on his shoulders. Than I brushed my lips against his, earning a whimper. I smiled against his lips, liking the affect I had on him. I pecked his lips lightly a couple of times, than taking his bottom lip in my mouth sucking lightly on it making him groan. I kissed him on his lips, allowing him to slip his tongue in my mouth. Our tongues wrestled for dominants, but he won by sliding his hands slowly down my back, passed my hips gripping my a**. I moaned in his mouth causing him to groan, gripping my butt harder. That was kinda one of my weaknesses.

"You are not right." I said breathlessly.

He chuckled against my lips. "What do you mean I'm not right?"

"You know my weaknesses, an that just ain't right honey." I said groaning.

"Well that's because your my baby. So of course I'm suppose to get know." He replied, peaking my lips.

"So what cha wanna do today?" I asked laying my head on his chest.

"I don't know, what ever you wanna do I guess." He said, his voice vibrating through his chest.

"Wanna stay in, and have a sugar fest?" I asked him.

"What a sugar fest?" He asked me curiously.

"It's a day where we eat just junk food and drink sugary stuff." I said happily.

"Ok, that sounds fun." He said.

"Ok, well get ready because where going to go grocery shopping." I said jumping up from the bed.

He laughed at me. "Ok."



This chapter wasnt really anything...but still I wanted to give you guys here ya go!! d•:


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