Feather Kisses

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Jacob's POV

"Babe, you know I love you, right." Chresanto said rubbing small circles on my arm.

"Yes I know you love me baby." I spoke softly.

"And that I'd do anything for you no matter what." He said softly, bringing his face close to mines.

"Yeah I do. You showed that to me when Rayan decided to kidnap me." I said rubbing my thumb across his temple.

I wonder where he was going with all this. His voice was filled with passion while his eyes filled with love and want.

"I would love if my dream came true, that in the future I get to call you my husband, my lover, and my forever being on this earth. I know this maybe a little to early, but we can wait if you want. But I, I wanna be the man that you wake up to every morning, I wanna be the one to comfort you when you can't sleep, or when your feeling ill. I wanna be your stone, your knight, your protector, and everything else that your heart can imagine. And I was hoping for your hand in marriage. Jacob Emmanuel Perez will you marry me and become Mr.Chresanto August?" He asked hopefully after his breath taking speech.

My heart was pounding out of my chest, and tears where blocking my image. After everything bad that has ever happen to me, he still manages to lift my spirit. My soon to be hubby, and my babies daddy, also my best friend.

"Yes, I'll marry you!" I squealed like a girl, wrapping my arms around his neck smashing my lips to his.

He held my waist, kissing me with just as much passion. This man was my life, and I thank god for bringing him in it. He meant everything to me, and I meant everything to him and that's all that mattered in the end. Right? Love and nothing else.




SIKE! YOU GUYS KNOW DAMN WELL THIS SHIT WASN'T OVER! MADEA GOTTA GET HER 2¢ IN TO! Plus I'm still working on Jacob and Chres. Jacobs leg is still engird, so I have to fix that.


He crawled onto my body hovering over me. His Carmel firm sculpted chest putting me in a daze. His eyes looked deep into mines making me fall slowly. He leaned down kissing every exposed skin, or soon to be.

He slid my shirt off kissing my neck down to my shoulder, licking my skin slowly. Making skin tingled from his touch. He than slid his tongue further down licking my abs making me moan lowly.

"Baby." I moaned lowly combing my fingers through his hair pulling lightly.

He groaned trailing kisses down my body getting down to my thighs. He kissed my legs getting to my wound, he looked up at me smiling sweetly at me showing his vampire teeth. Than he went back down and kissed my wound sweetly, rubbing it lightly.

"You thought I was about to give you Roczilla?" He chuckled lightly.

"I don't know where you?" I asked being smart.

"I don't think you can handle him baby." He whispered seductively. "And plus your leg is still engird so you have to wait."

"I think I can handle you, just wondering if you can handle me." I whispered against his lips capturing his plumped juicy..haha..lip in my mouth sucking lightly on it.

"Mm well see about that." He spoke lowly.



I am really going to hurt myself for making these chapters short.😡...🙀 Who do you think is the bigger freak from what you know about MB?

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