Ray & Nightmare on Elm Street**

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Ray's POV

"Come here baby." I cooed to Daniel.

"Yeah." He said softly looking at me with his sexy chocolate golden brown eyes.

"I love you." I said planting a sweet passionate kiss on his lips.

"I love you to Ray." He said between our kiss.

I deepened the kiss wanting to feel more of him on my skin. I pulled him closer to me placing my hands on the back of his neck, slipping my tongue in his mouth. He put his hands on my chest pushing me away lightly.

"Why'd you do that?" I asked furrowing my eyebrows.

"I wanna talk to you." He said looking at me.

"Yeah what is it?" I asked looking in his eyes.

"What was all that about this morning?" He asked, his voice changing to fear.

"Nothing baby." I said trying to kiss his neck but he moved outta my reach.

"No Ray." He said sternly. "It had to be something for you to treat him like that." He said giving me a mean mug.

I really wasn't in the mood to talk about Jacob and his pathetic ass. If he would of just did what I said I wouldn't of had to handle his ass.

"Babe it was nothing so chill." I said becoming irritated.

"Ray don't sit here and tell me that that shit you pulled this morning was nothing. YOU FUCKING TWISTED HIS ARM, HOW THE FUCK IS THAT NOTHING!?" He said yelling at me.

"Don't you dare fucking yell at me." I said gripping his arm.

"Let me go." He said trying to move his arm out of my grip. I roughly let go of his arm.

"What the fuck is your problem?" He asked glaring at me.

"If it doesn't concern you...stay the fuck out of it." I spat glaring at him. He just fucked up my whole mood.

"It does concern me when your doing it right in front of me and your harming someone." He said narrowing his eyes.

"Look here sweetie, I'm going to warn your ass once and one time only....don't fucking play with me because I'm not the one to play games with." I spat.

"What ever Ray. Just take me home now." He said rolling his eyes while walking towards the door.

ღ:* Later On That Day ღ:*

"Aye yo Ray you wanna hit this?" Asked Issa passing me a blunt.

"TF, hell yeah I wanna hit that." I said grabbing the blunt out his hand.

"So what's been goin on with you and that Jacob dude?" He asked.

"Shit, nothin much. Just happening to tear that ass up, bitch think he can talk to me any kind of way he want to." I said feeling high. This shit was gettin in my system and I loved it like that.

"I'd be damn if I let some hoe talk back to me shidd." He said taking another puff.

"Me and that bitch ain't got nothin goin on. He just my sideline hoe. I'm going with that fine ass nigga Daniel." I said biting my lower lip just thinking about him made me hard.

"That's what TF I'm talkin about. You got you a sideline hoe and a bitch that give it to you good." He said giving me dap.

Me and Issa just chilled all day. I stayed at his house and we smoked and got drunk till we threw up our insides. Shid at the moment I could care less where the fuck Jacob was. I just knew I wanted the house to be clean when I got home.

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