Dinner~Never kiss At The Table Part.1

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Chresanto's POV

Walking around the house just being bored was about to kill me. Jacob left me to go do something 'important', which I don't remember. I walked into the kitchen, to see a piece of paper. It had Jacobs neat hand writing scribbled all over it.

***Hey babe, I wanted to let you know that you should start getting ready.(; I have a big surprise for you. So be ready by 9 please. Love you papi. ^.^ ~Jacob💘***

"Eeeeekkkk!!!" I squeal like a girl, running upstairs to our room.

I pealed my clothes off, stepping into the shower. I scrubbed my body with Doves men soap, than washing my hair. Once I finished washing up, I walked into our closet. There was a long bag with a sticky note attached to it.

***I want you to put this on for me, ok papi. Your going to look so sexy! I can't wait to see you. '.^***

I just chuckled at the note, I couldn't wait to see him. It's been all day, and I was about to loose it.

~At the surprise restaurant~

When I got out of the limo my mouth dropped, literally. The words 'Spicy, Sweet, Love' written out in front of me, lighting up with a gold color. Than white and light brown swirls out lined around it. I walked into the restaurant to see Jacob leaning against the wall, looking so hot!

"Hey." I said shyly. Why was I acting like this?

"Nu uh, we're not having any of that shy stuff. Your going to be your usual cute, sexy self for me, kay?" He said peaking my lips.

"Ok." I said blushing a light pink.

He grabbed onto my hand pulling me to a table. It had 2 plates of lasagna with buttery bread sticks and fresh salad. there was also a lit candle sitting in the middle of the table along with a red rosé

"Sit right here babe." he spoke softly, pulling out my chair for me. I sat down, waiting for him to sit also.

"What's all this for?" I asked looking towards him.

"I just want to do something special for you. Is that so hard to believe?" He asked giving me a seductive look. I felt his hand slid across my leg slowly, making me gulp.

"No. I just wanted to know." I said hoarsely, he gave me a cute grin.

"Oohh." He said acting innocent."So, did you miss me?" he asked grinning.

"Yeah, I was about to lose it being stuck in that damn house by myself." I explained, while taking a bite into the lasagna. Than I taking a sip of my water.

When I looked up, Jacob was starring pretty hard at me. So I gave him a smile.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked smirking.

He leaned over the table, near my ear his sweet minty breath blowing down my skin.

"You are so sexy that all of you captivates me. It makes me want you, and damn it papi I'm going to have you by tonight." He spoke seductively.

*~Later into the dinner~*

Jacob wouldn't stop starring at me, giving me seductive looks. He constantly kept giving me freaky comments on what he wanted to do to me. I was now hard as a damn rock and its all his fault.

"Let me fuck you baby. Touch you, kiss you down your neck to your...." I stopped him.

"Jacob if you don't shut the hell up, I'm going to pounce on you right now." I warned.

"What if I want you to pounce on me?" he asked giving me a wicked grin.

"Oh god your going to kill me." I spoke out loud.

"Naw, I'm just going to ware you out." he said rubbing up my legs.

"Come on!" I shouted gripping his hand in mines.

I left a tip on the table, dragging Jacob to where ever with me. I just wanted to jerk him off for testing me. Tease him back but x1,000 worser.



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