Acid Love Can Kill

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SONG OF THE DAY; Alica Keys- I'm Ready (;

Jacob's POV

I groaned as I laid in my bed with a spinning headache. My body was sore, and I quite didn't understand why. I didn't do anything last night, so I was lost as to why my body felt like this. All drained, sore, and shaken up.

"Morning baby." A male voice said, and it didn't sound like my Papi Chres voice. They slid their hands from my thigh up over my hip and up to my chest.

I turned around so quick, that I almost gave myself whiplash. Rayan laid behind me, with his arms wrapped around me. I jumped up out the bed, with a gush of wind hitting my body. I looked down and saw that all I had on where my boxers, and fresh scars where visible on my skin.

"What are you doing in my room, and why do I have scars on my body!?!" I shrieked. He raised his eyebrow at me.

"I would advise you to lower your voice when you speak to me. Unless you want a repeat of last night, and babe I brought you OUR room." He told me.

I looked at him like he was crazy, which he was. I felt my vision blur with tears, and small sobs coming from my mouth. You've got to be kidding me.

"W-Wait. What." I said lowly. All of what happen yesterday came rushing to me, like a stampede. 

I went to meet Chres parents, his dad cussed me out than apologized for his behavior. Than I went home to spend time with Madea, I went to bed afterwards. Than some where in the middle of the night Ray kidnapped me.

"Baby I told you, you belonged to me, and that I was taking you back home with me. I was not joking, and you are going to do what I say or else you will be punished. Now come back to bed with me." He said sternly. I looked at him with tears in my eyes.

"I don't want to." I said like a child, sobbing in the corner. I heard the bed creek and his foot steps walking towards me.

I looked up and watched as he walked towards me. Fear overwhelmed my body, and I got up and dashed to the bathroom shutting and locking the door. Rayan banged and yelled through the door.

"IM GOING TO BEAT YOUR ASS WHEN YOU GET OUT OF HERE! I DELIBERATELY TOLD YOU TO DO ASS I SAY, BUT BABY SINCE YOU DONT WANT TO LISTEN!...your in deep shit." He said the last part sharply with venom, stinging my body. 

I looked around the bathroom and almost squealed in delight, when I saw the house phone. I quickly rushed over to it dialing The house number to Madea's house.

Ring...ring...ring....ring...ring... beeeep. Voice mail.

Tears streamed down my face like a waterfall. I was scared and terrified. Where the hell was she!? After the second try I decided to call Chresanto. His phone ranged and ranged and ranged. I became nervous and scared, I really needed him to pick up.

"Baby please pick up." I whispered to myself, tears still falling. The phone went silent for a minute, than I heard breathing on the other line.

"Hello." He answered unsure as to who it was.

"Baby! Help me please, Rayan kidnapped me and he won't stop hurting me." I said through sobs, crying harder.

"Jacob honey where are you?! How did he even get to you?!?" He yelled through the phone. But I know he wasn't yelling at me, he was just frighten.

"Last night when I was sleep, he must of climbed through my window..and he just took me." I said trying to whip away the tears, but they kept falling.

"Oh god, baby I'm so sorry. I shouldn't of left you." He said, his voice cracking.

I drew in a deep breath trying to control myself. Hearing him cry, made me wanna cry harder.

"Papi please stop crying. It's not your fault, baby just please come get me. I don't wanna be here, I wanna be wrapped in your arms getting your kisses." I said softly.

"I'm coming baby, and when I do I'm kicking that niggas ass." He said angrily.

"I love you." I said whipping my tears.

"I love you to, and I promise when I get you baby I'll show your body all the attention it needs." He told me lovingly. I smiled at that, my body needs all the loving attention from his soft hands to his warm kisses.

The door was slammed open, and Ray stood there with anger fuming from his body. Chres was still on the phone, so he heard everything.

"Who the hell are you talking to?" He asked me, his eyes turning into slits.

"N-No one." I said moving into the corner. I had the phone close to my chest.

He chuckled darkly. "You know I would of thought by now you wouldn't take me for an idiot, but I guess not." He picked me up and slapped me in my face, causing my right cheek to sting.

"Leave me alone." I cried. He just laughed at me.

"Baby boy this isn't kindergarten, that little line isn't going to work. Now get your ass up and clean the house. Than once your done with that come back to me." He said snatching me up by my arm.

He took the phone from me and hung up. I got up and walked out to the bathroom, when I felt a sharp stung on my behind. I looked behind me to Ray, and he winked at me while sliding his tongue across his bottom lip.

Chresanto's POV

To say I was furious was an understatement. I was so pissed that at the moment, it was probably possible for me to shoot fire out of my hands. No one puts their hands on my baby and think they can get away with it.


I angrily stomped my way next door to Madea's house banging on the door.

"Na I don't know who the hell you think you is, but don't come bangin on my damn door like you the police. Hell I can care less for them to." Madea said movin her head around.

"Madea Rayan took Jacob." I said tears falling from my face. She looked at me for a minute, than she made an 'o' when she figured out what I was talking about.

"Oh hell naw! Come on." She said dragging me into the car. I wasn't really sure as to where we where going. But I hope it was to go fine my baby.
I feel bad for Jacob....but Im really focused on cutting ray's stomach open, pulling his eyeballs out his head and stuffing it in there with his legs, arms, and his damn head. Oh revenge is so damn sweet.😈😈😈 Love ya guys😉

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