Our last night of being boyfriend & boyfriend (*=

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Jacob's POV

Months have passed by so quickly that it's unreal to me. Just one more day and Chresanto August will be my lawful wedded husband. Everything that we have been through and we manage to make it this far. I never thought that I would find a decent man to love me.

Chresanto cherishes me as if it is his last. I love my soon to be husband because he's faithful and made for me. I know that he would never purposely hurt me, because just like he said..he loves me to much to hurt me.

Our love is strong like a silver chain on a vampire. He won't let me go or ever neglect me. I love my Papi so much.

He makes my heart pound rapidly in my chest. Every time we look at each other my heart pounds. I want to have his children, I want him to be the father of my children, and I also want him to be the provider and the man of our family.

"I love you so much baby boy." Chres whispered in my ear as we cuddled in bed.

It was now 11:32 pm and we were just up chatting. I couldn't sleep and neither could my babe. So we just held onto each other all night long.

Chresanto's POV

Some where into my past if you asked me if I believed in ever finding love, I probably would have told you no. But when I think of Jacob, all the love that I could possible have is put into him. Everything that I do is put into me and Jacobs future because I love him.

He's faithful and loving. I love that I can be able to read his emotions, so I know what my baby is feeling. Jacob is not only my fiancé, soon to be husband, and the daddy ma of my kids. But he's also my back bone that keeps me balance.

He holds me up when I am down and confines in me.


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