This Feels Like A Date Part.2**

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Chresanto's POV

I don't know what it is about Jacob but he's got me whipped. Everything about the cutie drives me crazy, but it has to be something specific that drives me completely wild about him.

I don't know if its his sexy wild curls, his soft chocolate brown eyes, his luscious pink lips, or the way his cheeks turn bright pink when I speak to him. I don't know what it is but I think I may be falling in love with him.

"Hey Chres." He called shyly, using the little nickname that he gave me. I thought it was cute.

"Yeah gorgeous." I said smiling as I grabbed his hand swinging it back and forth in the air.

"Can we get some ice-cream?" He asked raising his eyebrow hopefully.

"Yeah, come on." I said pulling him towards 'Cold Stone'.

"May I help you?" Asked the guy at the front of the register.

"Yeah, can I have Cookies 'N' Cream in a bowl please. What do you want cutie?" I asked Jacob. His soft caramel cheeks turning a light shade of pink as he peered up at me through his lashes.

"Umm I'll have Cookie Dough in a bowl to please." He said lowly with a smile on his face. Yeah, I got that affect.

"Ok that will be $15.75." Said the guy at the register. I saw Jacob taking his wallet out, but I stopped him.

(A/N: I know..thats a lot of money for some damn ice cream..but come on. Niggas be gettin expensive now and days.)

"I'll pay for it." I said putting my hand on his.

"No I wanna do it. You paid for breakfast." He said softly looking at me with his pretty chocolate brown eyes.

"Yeah, but I asked you out. So therefore I'm paying." I said softly yet sternly turning back around to pay the guy for our ice-cream.

"Ok than." He muttered shyly sitting down at a table booth.

"Are you having fun?" I asked him.

"Yeah, your really nice and sweet." He said lowly. I smiled at that.

"I can't help but be nice to you cutie. Your so adorable." I said taking his hands in mine.

"You don't mean that." He said shyly putting his head down.

"I do." I said coming around the table and sitting next to him, still holding his hands.

"Your to good." He said still hanging his head.

"And your the most sexiest, most specialist person that I've ever met and I'd love to get to know you better." I whispered in his ear.

"O-Oh." He stuttered. His pink full lips parted slightly as he panted.

I really wanted to press my lips against his sweet ones taking his breath away. However, I decided that the wait was worth it.

"You finish with your Ice- cream?" I asked.

"Y-Yeah." He said softly blushing.

"Ok well come on." I said grabbing his hand and throwing our food away before leaving.

:* Later on @ 9:45 :*

"I'm not ready to go home." Jacob whined cutely pouting those pink lips. I chuckled lightly agreeing with him.

"Me neither, but if you don't I think Madea's going to kill me." I said laughing.

"Why would you say that?" He asked me.

"A couple of months back I think someone had a welcome back party for her. She wasn't to happy about that at all and I guess someone did some shit to piss her off. Next thing you know I hear gun shots and a dude in rainbow colors hollering....*Mr.Brown voice* SHE GOTTA GUN!!" I said laughing.

"Oh yeah, that was Mr.Brown." He said laughing with me. Soon after we pulled up at his house.

"Well I guess I'll see you later." He said looking at me.

"Yeah." I said smiling.

"Bye." He said smiling. He was almost out of the car until I stopped him.

"Wait!" I said pulling his arm.

"Yeah." He said looking at me with raised eyebrows.

"Come here." I said pulling him down to me.

"W-What." He whispered, his minty breath blowing across my face.

"I just wanna kiss your soft sweet lips." I muttered as I pressed our lips together. Fuck, he tasted so good. His lips were so soft and sweet. I deepened the kiss flicking my tongue against his bottom lip asking for entrance. He allowed me to slip my tongue between his parted lips, massaging his sweet tongue. I smirked to myself as he moaned softly in my mouth as I sucked and nibbled on his lip. Once I felt the need for oxygen I parted our lips.

"Fuck." He muttered lowly while breathing hard.

"Night beautiful." I said smiling brightly before kissing his cheek lightly.

"Night." He said blushing. Once he made it into the house safely I drove next door to mines.



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