No Love**

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Jacob's POV

"JACOB!" Ray yelled as he continued to bang on the door. I hurriedly got up and answered the door.

"Yes." I answered quietly with my head down.

"Go make me and my baby some breakfast." He demanded. Wait, what?! Who the fuck was his baby, I'm his baby!

"Wait, wha?" I asked raising my eyebrows at him.

"I said go, make, me, and, my baby, breakfast." He said talking to me like I was 5.

"I heard you the first time. I just want to know who the fuck your so called baby is." I said through clenched teeth.

I could not believe this nigga. You know what scratch that I can believe it, because if he can beat me like i'm some stranger then he would most definitely cheat on me like I don't matter to him. But then gets mad at me when he thinks I'm flirting with another man. FLIRTING THOUGH and he's out here cheating.

"I know damn well you are not questioning and talking back to me." He said sternly, roughly grabbing my chin like he did last night. My face was still sore so it hurted making me winch.

"No." I whimpered.

"Good, now go make me and my baby breakfast now." He said letting go of my face. He walked back to our room closing the door.

I went back to the guest room doing my daily hygiene. Then I went down to the kitchen getting out the bacon, eggs, milk, orange juice, etc. I grabbed my IPhone from off the kitchen counter plugging it into the radio. I went through my play list turning on 'Marcus Canty- Wont make a fool out of you'. I made sure it was loud enough so that I wouldn't have to hear Ray and his hoe doing a quicky before breakfast.

Once I had all the ingredients and materials I got to cooking. I swayed my hips to the music as I flipped the pancakes. I made sure to make a lot of everything to feed Rays stupid ass and his hoe.

ღ:*30 minutes laterღ:*

As I flipped the last pancake Ray and his hoe came walking into the kitchen. I just rolled my eyes listening to the music. After I flipped the last pancake I was done cooking. I handed Ray his plate leaving his hoe to make his own.

"Excuse me." Ray said snapping his fingers at me looking at me like I was stupid.

"Yes Ray." I said looking towards him.

"You forgot to make my baby boy his plate to." He said narrowing his eyes at me. TF I look like to him! I am not his maid.

"He can make his own plate. I'm not your maid or your personal butler." I said glaring at him.

"Don't get your ass embarrassed because I wouldn't think twice about laying my hands on you." He whispered angrily gripping my arm tightly.

"Rayan let me go." I said trying to hold my ground. I wanted to cry out so bad but I didn't want to look stupid.

"Ray its ok I can do it myslef." Said his little boyfriend. When I looked in his direction he looked sorry for me. But it was nothing to be sorry for because soon this would be him.

"Naw naw, make my baby his plate." He said sternly gripping my arm tighter.

"Ray stop your hurting me." I whimpered lowly. I couldn't do it, the pain was to much.

"Ray it's ok I'll do it. Just let him go." His boyfriend said lowly. I didn't even know if they were going out, that's just what I assumed.

"No, Jacob make the damn plate." He said twisting my arm making me screamed out in pain. Why the fuck does it bother him so much that I won't make his boyfriends plate?

"RAY STOP!" Yelled his boyfriend he looked scared.

Ray roughly let go of my arm giving it another good twist before dropping it.

"Now make the damn plate." He spat through clenched teeth. I didn't talk back this time, I hurriedly made his plate throwing some of everything on it.

"Thank you Jacob." He said nicely. This guy wasn't at all like the others Ray brought home. He seemed to really love him.

"Your welcome........" I said pausing waiting for a name.

"Daniel. Daniel Simmons." He said flashing me a gorgeous smile laying his hand out.

"Umm nice to meet you." I said nervously. I was scared Ray would beat me agin so I quickly rushed up the stairs.

On my way up I saw Ray kiss him on the lips sweetly, just like he use to do me. That made me a little jealous because while Daniel was getting his love and affection, I was stuck getting the beatings. So I didn't know what it felt like to truly be loved by Ray anymore.

ღ:*Later On That Dayღ:*

For the whole day I didn't do anything but chill. Ray was gone with Daniel and I was left at home to do nothing. I was glade because a nigga was exhausted. Ray works me like a slave.

I got tired of just sitting and watching TV so I went into the kitchen and grabbed some Potato chips. When I was about to walk out of the kitchen my phone started to ring 'Nicki Minaj-Go hard'.

"Hello." I said answering the phone.

"Hey Jacob." Said my cousin Marcus, he was straight and fit ass hell. I didn't understand why he wasn't cuffed by a gorgeous women yet.

"Hey, what's up?" I asked sitting on the couch munching on my chips.

"Madea wanted to see you." He said.

"Oh, um ok. Am I suppose to come over now?" I asked.

"Hold on........she said hell yeah!" He said over the phone. I laughed, Madea was so gettow. But she was my aunty and I loved her because she always had a niggaz back, no matter what.

"Ok. I'll be on my way." I said hanging up. I went upstairs and grabbed my coat and car keys.

I got into my green charger my mom bought me before she passed away. Than I was on my way to my aunt Madea's house.


What do you guys think of Ray? I put Madea in this shit to so you know it's about to go down.

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