Pain & memories**

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Jacob's POV

"DONT YOU EVER FUCKING YELL AT ME AGIN!!" He shouted as he swung the belt at my wet sore body. I screamed out in pain as he constantly swung the belt at my body...maybe 5-6 times. My towel had slipped off me in the process and I was now laying on the ground whimpering.

He got down to my level pulling my body up so I was now on my knees. I shook in his hands, but what he wanted me to do had more tears spilling.

"Kiss me." He demanded. I shook me head no crying harder.

"Either you kiss me, or I beat you till you black out...your choice." He said coldly still holding my face.

His breath blew across my face making me cringe in disgust, it smelled strongly of alcohol. He pulled his lips to mines smashing them together. I gagged in the back of my throat as he plunged his tongue in my mouth tasting me. Tears still streamed down my face.

He picked me up, still kissing me while he walked us to the bed. He laid me down and started to plant nasty sloppy kisses down my throat to my navel. I cried because I felt bad...disgusted. I felt like I was betraying Chres, by letting him do this to me. But I couldn't do anything. Compared to Rayan I was a weakling. I wasn't capable of protecting myself when it came to him.

"Stop it please." I begged, trying to push him off me. But he wasn't going for it. Instead he slapped me in my face.

My head started to feel light and dizzy, but I shook it off.

"If you get up I'll kill you." He spat.

He walked into the closet coming back out with a blind fold and ropes. I cried and begged him to leave me alone as he tied my arms and ankles to the bed. He pulled the blind fold over my mouth so I couldn't speak.

"Now since you let that other nigga fuck you, you wouldn't mind if I go in on this body to." He whispered against my skin licking and kissing it.

I whimpered as he got lower and lower. I haven't even gave it to Chresanto yet! I mean I was planning on doing it but Rayan messed all that up.

"Baby you make me so horny, just looking at your body....ugh!" He said huskily. While he licked down my V line. I cried harder not wanting to do this. I tried screaming but they were muffled by the blind fold.


I sat there only in my boxers, crying to myself. After Rayan got what he wanted from me, he locked me in OUR room. I was so scared, I felt sick. Why did he want to torture me? After everything I gave him...he wants to hurt me. I should of listened to the rumors, the gossip....JUST EVERYTHING. But I was to blinded by Ray's acid love to believe it.


I walked down the hallways of Journey High School feeling sick. These people where driving me crazy. All they talked about..or may I say gossiped about was Rayan.

Rumors are spreading about him cheating on me with some slut named Melanie or maybe some dude name Jace. I don't know, but you see how it goes. People always make up rumors with the wrong information. If your going to start some shit get your facts straight first.

"Jacob honey." My best friend Nyrah called out to me.

"Yeah." I said looking at her. She was really pretty. She was light skinned with long short curls, she had curves, and she had beautiful straight teeth. Her eyes sparkled with dark chocolate and she was just full of joy.

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