Karmas A Bitch Part.1

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Chresanto's POV

I slipped the gun from out of my pants, and aimed it towards the guy. When he saw my weapon he immediately let go of Jacob making him fall to the ground. His eyes wide as a saucer, with his hands up in surrender. I loaded the gun hearing a click go off. I aimed the gun towards him shooting him in his leg. Make sure that he's going to be paralyzed from the waist down.

Once I did that I rushed over to Jacob ripping the sleeves off my shirt and tying it around his thigh. Than I examined his jaw seeing that it was swollen, and when I made a small gesture to touch it he cried in pain. I grabbed him bridal style cooing to him, while I rushed down stairs.

"Madea his jaw is swollen and he was stabbed in his leg." I said tears falling down my face.

I looked down to see the bastard who hurt my baby, glaring up at me. I gave Jacob to Madea and walked over to him.

"Who the fuck you glarin at bitch." I spat coldly.

"I starin at yo tommy the clown lookin ass." He said chuckling. At the moment I found no shit funny, so I straddled his waist and started giving him hard blows to the face.

When I got up I kicked him in his sides and twisted his arm. I was in no mood to be fucked with, and when you mess with someone that I love, just know that your life is on the line. I dragged him into the car throwing him into the trunk. What? I'm just going to have a little fun with him.

I climbed into the back seat with Jacob, laying his head on my lap while I comb my fingers through his hair. He laid there with his eyes closed, I checked his heart beat sighing in relief when his heart beat wasn't moving slow..but it was getting there.

Madea was speeding the whole way to the hospital. But I didn't care, I just wanted my baby to be alright.

"Baby please don't leave me." I quietly whispered. "I love you, and I need you here with me so I can hold you and share sweet kisses." I said kissing his hand.

Soon we pulled up to the hospital, and I rushed in carrying Jacob in my arms bridal style.

"Can somebody help me please, my boyfriends been stabbed and I think his jaws broke!" I yelled. Doctors and nurses rushing to me from every side.

They grabbed Jacob and placed him on the hospital bed, rolling through the hall. I tried to follow them into the room but the wouldn't let me. I screamed and yelled to the top of my lungs not caring about anyone, but Jacob.

"Baby please don't leave me! Let me come with you! Just...just please don't leave me." I whispered the last part, tears sliding down my face like melted ice.

"Honey I think you should go wait in the waiting room." Said a nurse. She looked to be about in her mid 40's or 50's. She helped me up and rubbed soothing circles on my back.

She took me to the waiting room, and sat me down. Madea was some where at the cafeteria, finding something to eat I guess. I don't really know. I just want my baby to be ok.


"Jacob Perez?" Said nurse, waking me up from my sleep. I've been here for 4 hours, and their now just calling for Jacob.

I stood up walking over to her, taking in shaky breaths. My legs felt weak, and my heart felt like it was shattering pieces one by one.

"How is he?" I asked shakily. She gave me a sympathetic smile. Tears started to form in my eyes as I tried to hold back a sob.

"He's fine but really injured. He has a broken jaw that's going to have to heal on its own, and he has to use crutches because of his leg. He has multiple bruises and cuts. Just make sure he isn't on his feet." She explained to me.

Hearing all this made me even more upset. I should of been there to protect him! To make sure he wasn't hurt, I could of got there quicker than I did!

"Bullshit!" I yelled, slamming my fist into the wall making a dent. All this is my fault. Its like every were I go I cause trouble, and put people in danger!

"Can I go see him?" I asked, tears still sliding down my face.

"Yes, he's in room 143." She said walking away.

I rushed to his room, hesitating to open the door. When I did I tried to hold back the tears that where threatening to slide down my face like a water fall.

I walked around his bed, and sat in the chair closes to him, I grabbed his hand feeling how cold it was. It wasn't that warm melting feeling anymore, it was just...cold. I peaked his lips lightly hoping for some kind of movement, but I didn't get any. I sat back down putting my head in my hands and cried. This was all my fault, and I knew it! That just made me feel like half of a man.




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