Madea's CRAZY!**

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:*Next Dayღ:*

"You know Jacob I've been thinking and we should have a aunty nephew day." Madea said looking at me. Hell naw!

"Why?" I asked her suspiciously.

"Because I wanna spend time with you." She said calmly.

"Ok." I said simply.

"Ok?" She repeated looking at me with a shocked expression.

"Yeah, but if we end up in jail it's all your fault." I said pointing towards her.

"Ok ok. I'll take the blame for it." She said putting her hands up.

"You have no option but to take the blame because I'm not an option." I said getting up.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, shut the hell up." She said shooing me away.

:* Out With Madea :*

"Excuse me." Madea spoke into the intercome. We where at some fast food restaurant. I don't know what it was called

"Yes." Answers a femal voice.

"May I have a egg and sausage biscuit?" Madea asked.

"I don't give a fuck.... Bireeeeennnnn. You need to be payin child support for yo baby Bireeeeeennnm!" She ranted. I guess she was talking to somebody else on the phone. I couldn't help but burst with laughter, she sounded hella gettow talking like that.

"Uhhh heller." Madea spoke trying to get the girls attention. "Excuse me.....excuse me.... EXCUSE ME!" Made said now yelling.

"Hold on, I said hold on damn! Yo lady, you hear I'm on the phone, right? So stop being rude. Swear y'all old folks ain't got no type of home trainin." She murmured the last.

"Oh hell excuse me." Madea said agin irritatedly.

"What!?" She barked back.

"Can I get my biscuit please." Madea said trying to be nice.

"We don't have anymore more biscuits." She said. Madea closed her eyes taking a deep breath.

"Can I get a Danish?" She asked frustratedly.

"We don't have anymore Danishes."She said gettowly.

"Oh hell no. After I've waited for your ignorant ass and your telling me you ain't got no more." Madea said now mad.

"Well can I get a damn coffee?" She asked.

"Breakfast is closed ma'am." She said. Awe hell.

"Oh hell naw this some bullshit." Madea said speeding up to the window.

"Yeah, girl than he gone say 'well I gave you money for the baby but all yo ass do is spend it on yo self...I know right', that's some straight up bullshit. I always care for my baby." Said ranted at the window. Oblivious to the fact we were right there at the window listening to her.

"Excuse me." Madea said upset.

"Hold on girl.........yes." She said looking at Madea.

"I've been sitting over there waiting for a damn biscuit or what ever while yo ass sittin on the damn phone...and you tellin me breakfast is over." Madea said heated.

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